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Croatia2go brings Croatia closer to you

The idea of croatia2go came as a reaction after working in the tourism industry (travel agent). We often searched for any information regarding Croatia, so I just decided to collect and provide this essential information to my guests and partners.
We publish all relevant information for all kinds of visitors to Croatia. brings figures, from the country’s size to the number of islands, cities, inhabitants, national parks, and more.
We present essential tourist destinations and some of the best Croatian hotels, or camps, restaurants, marinas, wine, and bicycle tours.
We are proud to single out significant Croatian inventors, scientists, influential Croatian women, historical figures, athletes, and artists. We write about emigrants, and the diaspora, about retirement in Croatia or living and working in Croatia, in the global trend ofdigital nomads‘. regularly boasts of modern achievements in technology, the IT and gaming industry, shipbuilding, or tourism in Croatia.




Square kilometers







Why Croatia?

Because of Memorable holidays

Because of Memorable holidays

When you decide to go to Croatia, you probably heard from friends who had already visited our country what you could see and do in Croatia.

That’s is precisely the goal of the croatia2go platform.
We want to be a useful guide through Croatia.

Before coming to Croatia, it is good to know something about our lovely country.

Croatia become an independent state only 30 years ago. Before was part of the former Yugoslavia, and together with neighboring Slovenia, its westernmost part.

Croatia was never part of the ‘Balkans‘ because its historical heritage was linked to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from the north and west, Venice from the south, earlier to the Roman Empire.

We have singled out many topics to help you plan where to start your Croatia vacation and which cities to visit.


Famous cities in Croatia

Because of A Crystal Adriatic Sea


Beautiful coast with 1244 islands

Croatia is a Mediterranean country, so the Adriatic Sea’s influence is considerable and a real Croatian tourism magnet.
People are very friendly and hospitable while the Adriatic sea is crystal clear.

Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation or are a fan of campsites, Croatia has a lot to offer.

Meet people, taste excellent food and fine wines, see long and noisy waterfalls in national parks, try rafting rivers and canyons through untouched nature or walk and explore many sunny islands.

During the summer season, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy various music festivals and DJs.

An excellent connection between the coast and the islands and its number, over 1000, makes Croatia one of the most beautiful summer vacation countries.

Sailors know the Adriatic Sea best, its marinas, ports, and harbors, and they are excellent promoters of Croatian beauty.

The best time to visit Croatia

The best time to visit Croatia is definitely from the beginning of April till the end of October.

In April is excellent. Springtime has a pleasant temperature and lovely sunny days. If you are not a swimming and sunbathing fan, that would be the best, as the prices are better, and there is no crowd.

There are many regattas in April, so boaters are the most frequent Croatia guests at that time.

From May until the end of October, Croatia is a real mecca for tourists. Beautiful sunny days, warm weather, even hot, are the features of summer in Croatia.

The idea that leads us to is introducing you to everything you can see, visit, taste, or learn about Croatia.

Because of Amazing National Parks

Croatia2go was designed for you according to possible interest. We have listed all eight national parks and all nature parks.
From the beautiful Mljet island and National Park, all the way to Krka National Park and further on Plitvice Lakes, maybe even to Kornati and Brijuni. Croatia’s natural beauty is widely known globally and is a magnet for many tourists who visit our country.

Choose the national park you want to visit. Almost certainly, it will be the Plitvice Lakes National Park or Krka.
These two parks are not far from each other, but the advice is Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb to the coast or nearby Zadar.
From Split, it’s a slightly longer drive, and Split is closer to Krka National Park.
The nearest city to Krka is Sibenik, where don’t miss the visit to the cathedral of St. James, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

Visiting national parks better arrange in advance and buy tickets online. We recommend local licensed guides in the parks.


Croatian national & nature parks

Because of Fabulous Adriatic Coast and more than 1000 islands

SAILING & SUN in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is MUST

The most important regions and cities from Zagreb to Istria, Dalmatia, Lika, Slavonia, Dubrovnik, and described some of the most famous Croatian inventors, scientists, and athletes.

We dedicated many articles to nature, the Adriatic Sea islands, and old towns that look like museums because there is either a fascinating historical building or a museum on every street.

On every of Croatia’s old cities corner, you’ll find remains of Croatia’s turbulent past or many archaeological sites from the Roman Empire, such as Salona near Split or Vespasian’s amphitheater in Pula.

The Dalmatian coast is undoubtedly attractive with its more than 1000 islands, countless bays, and beaches.

Korčula should be on your bucket list, as its nickname A Small Dubrovnik.
Trogir will enchant you, and Dubrovnik will conquer 🙂

Cruising or sailing along the Croatian coast is the best thing you will experience.

Because of The incredible Roman inheritance

History and UNESCO heritage in Croatia

Croatia has a fascinating and turbulent history.

On, you will find a lot of information about Croatia’s history, its kingdoms and principalities, rulers, independence and independence, and the Croatian people.

UNESCO heritage awaits you in almost all major Dalmatian cities, which is why we made sure to present on our site Split and Diocletian’s Palace, Zadar, and St. Donatus, Trogir, and Dubrovnik.

Croatian cuisine and food, as well as recipes, occupy a significant place on our site.

The Istrian peninsula should be included in your stay in Croatia because you can go truffle hunting for one of the world’s most famous delicacies.

Istria is much more; it is Pula with a beautiful Amphitheater.

It is Poreč and the Euphrasian Basilica.

It is lovely Rovinj, and of course the fairytale Motovun.


Historical importance

Because of Luxurious Accommodation



Find some of the most luxurious hotels in Croatia, as well as those with the best value for money. On our website, you’ll find some of the best Croatian hotels, beaches, or wineries.
We want to take you through Croatia from Dubrovnik through Hvar to Split or Zagreb. As an internationally known Croatian destination, the Adriatic pearl, Dubrovnik, gathers the world jet-set and celebs. It’s a city whose history and architecture will leave you breathless.

Hvar is a city of great nightlife, beach parties, cocktails, and youth. Popular, sunny, fun, and sexy. But also one of the most beautiful destinations for a glamorous wedding.
Istrian Rovinj bears the most romantic Croatian city’s title, but indeed the town with the best hotels. Poreč is the most visited, and together with Istria, it is a real paradise for active tourism, especially for cyclists. The island of Losinj is an island of vitality. Its specific microclimate has brought the island a prestigious quality spa for all those with respiratory problems. Today, Mali Lošinj is a place of elite tourism with its genuinely exceptional resorts.
Croatia’s continental is proud of its baroque city, Varaždin, or one of the best-preserved castles, Trakoščan. And there is Zagreb, which attracts more tourists every year.

Get to know Croatia - famous Croatians

We pointed out some of the most prominent influential Croatian women and men.
Those people ‘created’ what we call Croatia today.

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan in Lika and is undoubtedly one of Croatia’s most famous people. Famous Marco Polo was born in Korcula. Luka Modrić, one of the best football payers in the world is from Zadar, Dražen Petrović from Šibenik. Vlaho Bukovac, a fantastic impressionist, a painter of the nation, from Dubrovnik and surroundings, Zagreb’s Slavoljub Penkala, without whom the world would be less ‘literate’ because he invented the ballpoint pen. The torpedo was invented in Rijeka by Ivan Lupis Vukić. Croatian ‘fingerprints’ are in every police investigation in the world! We can thank Ivan Juan Vučetić from the island of Hvar, the father of dactyloscopy, who invented taking a fingerprint in an inquiry. The talented Ivana Brlić Mažuranić wrote Šegrt Hlapić and many other beautiful fairy tales that mothers and grandmothers read to their children at bedtime. God took away hearing from the fantastic noblewoman Slava Raškaj, but he repaid her with her incredible painting talent. Today, she is deservedly considered one of the best impressionists in Europe. Opera’s diva Milka Trnina thrilled the one producer of the chocolate with her fantastic voice to name the most famous chocolate after her, Milka. We must not forget either Zlata Bartl – the mother of almighty Vegeta!


Famous Croatians

Croatia2go is a great travel guide for Croatia

World travelers like to know about the destination they are coming to, so we have prepared the most important ones for you.

In Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia’s capital, there are all embassies and consulates, such as the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, China, Japan, France, Germany, Russia, Thailand, Hungary, and many others.

Now You can Go to Croatia for holidays ?

Travelers from all over the world may enter Croatia with negative PCR, or been recovered from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection or with the vaccination certificate.


Art and culture in Croatia

Zagreb is a beautiful Central European city, full of parks and squares.
The city center is divided into two parts, The Upper and Lower town/Downtown, which connects the shortest funicular in the world.

Zagreb is a city of excellent restaurants, bars and clubs, museums and theaters, a city of galleries, and a city of culture.

And all of you whose hearts were broken at least once, don’t miss the famous Museum of Broken Relationships while you are in Zagreb.

We are proud of Croatia’s tangible and intangible historical heritage, customs, people, tradition, and lifestyle.

Because of Great Food, divine wines, the best olive oils

Croatia has made an incredible contribution to the fashion industry, the necktie.

We call it a ‘kravata‘, because of the brave Croatian soldiers (Croats) in Napoleon’s troops, who had a scarf tied around their necks in a specific way.

The KRAVATA /the Tie entered the fashion history and stayed for good. It is unthinkable today to see any businessman without a tie. It forms part of the uniform of the modern man.

A European Union politician once said; Don’t forget, Croats are holding us all by the neck!

On croatia2go, find everything you need to know about Croatia, from tradition to gastronomy, recipes of Croatian cuisine, customs, currency, value, useful tips, and events.

On the website, choose your interest and look for it – if you don’t find it not, please let us know. Enjoy Croatia2go.


Croatian food and recipes

USEFUL TIPS about Croatia

Interestingly, Croats are outstanding speakers of foreign languages. English – may not be perfect, but good and useful, everyone speaks it. In Istria, almost everyone speaks Italian. Everywhere in Croatia, there is the German language is well understood and sometimes well communicated.
You won’t get lost in Croatia – because we understand you 🙂

Croatia has several international airports; the most famous are Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Pula. As far as sea connections are concerned, the largest port in Rijeka, followed by Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Pula, and many smaller cities on the coast and islands.

croatia2go will surely save you the time you need to plan or choose anything you would like to know about Croatia before visiting.
Croatia’s trip usually starts at the airport, so it would be useful to (with our help) provide quality and comfortable transportation to your desired destination.

For all essential information on entering Croatia due to the COVID pandemic, please visit the page of Croatia tourist Board

Data and information are updated daily, and you can follow them on, on the official website of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs


Amazing facts about Croatia

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