Why Croatia? Because of its Great Food, divine wines, the best olive oils Why Croatia? Because of its Fabulous Adriatic Coast and more than 1000 islands Why Croatia? Because of its Amazing National Parks Why Croatia? Because of Memorable holidays Why Croatia? Because of The incredible Roman inheritance Why Croatia? Because of A Cristal Adriatic Sea Why Croatia? Because of A Mediterranean Lifestyle Why Croatia? Because of Luxurious Accommodation Why Croatia? Because NIKOLA TESLA was born in Croatia

Croatia travel guide - best places to visit in Croatia

Croatia2go is a great travel guide for Croatia.

We have selected for you the most essential destinations you need to visit in Croatia. You just need to decide when you go to Croatia 🙂
Find some of the best Croatian hotels, beaches, or wineries on our website. We have singled out many topics that will help you plan where to start and which cities to visit. Get to know Croatia.

Choose the national parks you want to see, meet some of the best-licensed guides in Croatia and UNESCO’s cultural and historical heritage. Croatian cuisine and food, as well as recipes, occupy a significant place on our site. Still, we dedicated many articles to nature, the islands of the Adriatic Sea, and old towns that look like museums because there is either a fascinating historical building or a museum on every street. Enjoy on every corner remains of Croatia’s turbulent past or many archaeological sites from the Roman Empire, such as Diocletian’s Palace in Split or Vespasian’s amphitheater in Pula. The Dalmatian coast is undoubtedly attractive with its more than 1000 islands, countless bays, and beaches.
Old historical cities like Varaždin, Motovun, Zadar, elegant tourist pearls like Opatija or Zagreb attract more tourists every year.

Croatian national & nature parks

Historical importance

Beautiful coast with 1244 islands


Famous cities in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is MUST

Croatia2go wants to inform you when it is the best time to visit Croatia, at what time of year. We have designed Croatia2go for you according to possible interest. We have listed all 8 national parks and all nature parks. We single out the most important regions and cities from Zagreb to Istria, Dalmatia, Lika, Slavonia, Dubrovnik, and much more. We found and described some of the most famous Croatian inventors, scientists, and athletes. We are proud of Croatia’s tangible and intangible historical heritage, customs, people, tradition, and lifestyle. Croatia is a Mediterranean country, so the Adriatic Sea’s influence is considerable and a real Croatian tourism magnet. Croatia is a modern independent European country.

People are very friendly and hospitable where people speak excellent English and German, and Italian. Adriatic sea is crystal clear, and cruising or sailing along the Croatian coast is the best thing you will experience. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation or are a fan of campsites, Croatia has a lot to offer. Meet people, taste excellent food and fine wines, see long and noisy waterfalls in national parks, try rafting rivers and canyons through untouched nature or just walk or sunbathing on many sunny islands, where during the summer season you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy various music festivals and DJs.

Go to Croatia


The best Croatia attractions

There are so many places and attractions in Croatia you can visit it’s almost impossible to highlight only a few but the fact that Croatia is a small country with all the sites just a few hours away from each other makes things much easier than almost anywhere else.

What will make your holiday in Croatia memorable? Aside from the fact you’ll be enjoying yourself no matter if you’ll be traveling alone, with family or with a friend or two, keep in mind that Croatia offers so many sights and activities, you’ll remember those highlights.


Plan your trip

Dandelion, Croatia

Health tourism in Croatia

There is nothing as important to any human being as their health as well as the health of their loved ones.



Square kilometers







Amazing facts about Croatia

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