10 top-rated trips from Split

Every year, Split becomes increasingly popular and more and gets more visit…

Split, Dalmatia, Craotia, photo by Zoran Jelaca, photo credit by Croatia Tourist Board
Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo by Zoran Jelaca, photo credit by Croatia Tourist Board


If you’re staying in Split, you must have wondered how to spend the summer and make the most of this beautiful area. In addition to a lot of sightseeing, beautiful architecture, and enjoyment of the second-largest Croatian city, there are also numerous locations nearby that are worth a visit.

Bacvice beach Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo by Aleksandar Gospic, jphoto credit by Croatia Tourist Board
Bacvice Beach Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo by Aleksandar Gospic, photo credit by Croatia Tourist Board

Numerous visitors enjoy the summer ‘residence’ of the Roman emperor Diocletian. But today, Split is much more; it has become an excellent starting point for exploring Dalmatia.
In the evenings – all roads lead to Split because of its outstanding restaurants, bars, and nightlife. But – during the day – here are some great ideas in from Split direction.

Split Marko Marulic
Split, photo by  Marko Marulic


Diocletian’s Palace is one of the monumental historical sightings of Split and Croatian historical and architectural treasures. And please – bear in mind -while exploring the most beautiful palace in Dalmatia – bear in mind – it’s Emperor Diocletian’s home – so – act like he’s at home. 

Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions
Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia photo credit by Croatian-Attractions

You will also enjoy Marjan Park, the most popular place to escape from the busy city days. Marjan Park peninsula is an integral part of the city center that extends from Marmont Street and continues to the west. It’s long, over 3 km. In 1964 it was declared a park and, since then, is considered a protected part of Split.

Marjan park, Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo by Ivan Sardi, photo credit by Croatia Tourist Board
Marjan Park, Split, Dalmatia, Croatia, photo by Ivan Sardi, photo credit by Croatia Tourist Board

When craving beautiful art…

Ivan Meštrović Gallery is a stellar art museum with a comprehensive, well-arranged collection of works by Ivan Meštrović, Croatia’s premier modern sculptor.

galerija mestrovic optimizirano za web hrvoje serdar
Ivan Meštrović Gallery, Split, photo by Hrvoje Serdar, photo credit by Tourist Board of Croatia

And back to the beautiful historical architecture! Saint Domnius Cathedral finds its seat in the oldest building among other European cathedrals – the Mausoleum of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Cathedral today is primarily a place of liturgy, with a millennium-long continuity, best reflected in the Sunday mass and the renewed splendor of the procession on St Domnius’s day – the day of Split’s patron saint.

Tthe Tower od St. Domnius Split photo by Matko M. Švarc
Tthe Tower od St. Domnius Split photo by Matko M. Švarc

Apart from the beautiful must-see attractions in Split, we have selected the ten best-rated day trips to fulfill your visit. Let’s make the best of your holiday!


Flying dress Split 2023.

A true show stopper, the sensational sight of brightly-colored dresses swirling elegantly in the breeze with a backdrop of blue skies and mesmerizing locations of Split Riva, Peristil, Diocletian Palace, or Marjan park.

These images became a craze among travelers worldwide. 

Together with some of the most famous vacation places around the globe, from now on, flying dress photo shoots are also available in Croatia. 


Croatia is world famous for its quality wines, and what makes your holiday better than a food and wine pairing from Split?

Connoisseurs, and many others, know the “story” of Zinfandel, one of the most famous Californian wines, but only a few know that its mother is Dalmatia!

A food & wine pairing experience, Split, Croatia. (5)jpg
A food & wine pairing experience, Split, Croatia. (5)jpg

We’re taking you to Dalmatia to taste wine – Zinfandel, the original one.

Discover the diverse flavors of Dalmatia and its regions through wine. Taste your way through the coastal Dalmatian and the hinterland through a five-course fine lunch or dinner prepared exclusively by our in-house chef.

A food & wine pairing, Split, Croatia
A food & wine pairing, Split, Croatia

You will have the chance to enjoy delicious homemade dishes, such as the famous “peka”, accompanied by great Dalmatian wines. Please get to know our Mediterranean culinary tradition and make the best of your holiday in Split.


Join us on a private yacht tour from Split to Blue Cave; it is a natural phenomenon situated 1 hour and 30 minutes from Split’s main harbor, on Biševo island. The way the sunlight plays with the seawater, penetrating through the only crack into the cave, is reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects, is a truly unique experience. You have to live to tell!

Blue Cave Bisevo Croatia Boytronic Photography
Blue Cave Bisevo Croatia Boytronic Photography

After visiting the Blue Cave, the excursion continues to Stiniva Bay, awarded for the most beautiful beach by the European best destination. Green Cave is also a must-do phenomenon; lucky for you, it is on our to-do list. After Vis, we head to Hvar Island, one of Croatia’s most picturesque and fashionable party spots! You will be amazed at Paklinski Islands and Milna Bay: Crystal clear sea, domestic healthy food, the ideal conditions for diving, sailing, and fishing.

Meneghello Palmizana sea view from the restaurant Meneghello
Meneghello Palmizana sea view from the restaurant Meneghello

Hvar Town, Hvar, Croatia, photo by Croatia2go


If you are a nature lover in Croatia, and if you have to choose – the worst dilemma would be – should I visit National Park Krka or National Park Plitvice Lakes?

Sibenik panoramakatedrala stvrdave DreamDivision trashed 2020 06 29 19 28 40
Sibenik panorama, + St. James Cathedral, photo by DreamDivision, photo credit TB of Šibenik-Knin County

If you want our advice, we would go for both. Both sites are worth visiting – and you will have a wonderful day whether you choose one or another. We have selected both attractions as your day excursions from Split.

Enjoy a ride along the coast to Šibenik, a town that is getting in the spotlight of Croatian attractions year by year. Šibenik lives the Dalmatian spirit with no facades and might teleport you to a Fellini feeling only a few places on Earth can.

Šibenik originates from medieval times as a fortification made of four fortresses- St. Nicholas, Šubićevac, St. John, and St. Michael on which you can climb and enjoy the view.

After visiting the town of Šibenik, we continue to the magic world of the Krka River, which runs over cliffs and falls 46m deep! Take some time to take a relaxing walk along the river and enjoy breathtaking nature.

skradinskradin DreamDivision6
Skradin photo by DreamDivision, photo credit byn TB of Šibenik-Knin county

Stop by and visit a small museum or an old mill. If you want, you can refresh yourself by swimming in the crystal clear river, and don’t forget to take photos of this unforgettable place!

visovac krka optimizirano za web ivo biocina
Visovac, Krka National Park, photo by Ivo Biocina, photo credit by TB of Croatia


National Park Plitvice Lakes are a must-see in Croatia, so why not make it a day excursion from Split?

Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s oldest, most significant, and most famous national park. We will try to explain why Plitvice Lakes is a must-see, even though any picture of these lakes is worth more than a thousand words.

Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes 6
Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes have specific universal value due to the formation process of the travertine barriers and the creation of the lakes (called calcification). This natural jewel is the first national park in Croatia, founded on April 8th, 1949. the uniqueness of Plitvice was recognized by UNESCO when putting it on its World Heritage List in 1979.

Walking along the Plitvice lakes, you can enjoy the natural harmony and beauty that engage all your senses. Surrounded by sights for sore eyes, the clean mountainous air fills your body while you listen to the calming sounds of the waterfalls and birds chirping.

Remember to take as many selfies as you can!

Cetina river, Omiš, photo credit by TB of Omiš


In the heart of Dalmatia that you have chosen for your STAYcation in Croatia, not far from the well-known Split, is the small town of Omiš. Join us on this unique day excursion and discover the history and secrets of the once-independent state Poljica Republic!

Thomas Moore’s visit allegedly inspired him to write his famous work, Utopia, which speaks volumes about the quality of life in this small Republic. Once a defending barrier from Turks, ancient Poljica stands proudly today with its great history and unparalleled beauty.

After the short history lesson on the location of the Saint George church, you will see one of the best local secrets and breathtaking views of the canyon of the river Cetina and the pirate town – today known as Omiš.

Soparnik Croatia photo credit Marijan Malenica
Soparnik Croatia photo credit Marijan Malenica

The next stop is the demonstration of making and degustation of Soparnik, an intangible heritage of Croatian gastronomy, a savory pie with a filling of Swiss chard, chopped onions, parsley, and olive oil. It is the most famous specialty of the Dalmatian region of Poljica. Soparnik is a non-material national heritage of Croatia certified with a specific geographical origin. After homemade brandy, wine, and degustation, we will visit the statue of Mila Gojsalic and find out how one woman’s bravery saved Republic.

Gusarska bitka Omis
Pirots Battle, Omis, photo credit by TB of Omiš

And if you think that is all we have a surprise, we left the best for the end. We will have a small river cruise where you will enjoy the beauty of Cetina and learn about the famous pirates of town Omiš and piracy in this water.


Klis, a medieval fortress above a village with the same name. From its origin as a small stronghold built by the ancient Illyrian tribe Dalmatae, becoming a royal castle that was the seat of many Croatian kings, to its final development as a large fortress during the Ottoman wars in Europe, Klis Fortress has guarded the frontier, being lost and re-conquered several times throughout its more than two thousand-year-long histories.

Klis Fortress Matko M. Švarc
Klis Fortress photo by Matko M. Švarc

You should visit Sinj, a famous city in Croatian history, where for over 300 years, the chivalry game – Alka has been taking place in the glory of withstanding the Ottoman siege of the town in 1715. In Sinj, you will visit the Alka Museum and have optional traditional lunch in one of the restaurants.


Salona is where it all started for this region, first an ancient Illyrian city, then the capital of the Roman province Dalmatia. Birthplace of Roman emperor Diocletian, who, after his career, decided to build a palace nearby as a summer home. Salona now lies in ruins, destroyed in the centuries that followed its glory years. But the history and the vast area of the once 6th city in the Roman Empire still make memories come to life for every traveler visiting it!

Amphitheatre Salona

Not many cities hold the status of a museum city, and Trogir is one of those few..

Settled near Split, Trogir is a perfect getaway for those who want to experience something unique and magical. Constituted by the Greek settlers in the 3rd century, Trogir went through rich artistic and historical centuries in its looks, making it a city under UNESCO protection since 1997.

Trogir 48643456 1941788742626823 2666590718814147588 n

For centuries, Trogir was a place where numerous artists left their mark, leaving an imprint inside the city’s soul. From its famous St. Laurence Cathedral portal to the Venetian fortifications used to fight off the invaders, this small city truly packs a lot of history and art.

A perfect relaxation awaits on the island of Čiovo right across the inner city, connected by a stone bridge. Čiovo is an island part of Trogir famous for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere.

Who wouldn’t visit a city that provides you with a touch of history, fiction, relaxation, and beauty? We sure would!

TROGIR fortress photo by MATKO M. Švarc
TROGIR fortress photo by MATKO M. Švarc


Are you up for some fun? ????

Split as a filming location was introduced to Game of Thrones a year after Dubrovnik was. Today it is easy for a Split local to recognize most of the scenes in the last two seasons, especially.


You’ll wander the streets that became Meereen, the palace cellars used in Dragon’s Dungeons and Daenarys’ throne room. The northern entrance to Diocletian’s Palace, the famous Golden Gate, is featured in the 5th season, and some archeological digs within the Palace substructures. The tour continues to a classical sightseeing tour starting at the Waterfront promenade, through the cellars of the Diocletian’s Palace, Perystile, Vestibul, Southern portico, Cathedral of St. Dominus, Golden Gate, Northern Palace wall, Piazza, National Theatre, Marmont street, Fish market, Republic square, Riva (Waterfront promenade).

The Blue Lagoon

Embark on the yacht for a private tour to the nearest Islands from Split!

Experience Šolta, a beautiful island, for a day trip from Split. Expect a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while you enjoy picturesque surroundings. After visiting Charming Šolta island, continue to one of the best-hidden spots in Dalmatia – Vela Rina Bay on the island of Drvenik Mali and further on towards the famous Blue Lagoon on the island of Drvenik Veli. The Blue Lagoon is nestled between two islets (Krknjaš Mali and Krknjaš Veli) and one island (Drvenik Veli).

Croatian attractions sailing Blue Lagoon
Croatian Attractions Sailing  Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a favorite swimming spot among many tourists. Don’t miss a chance to visit mesmerizing lagoon and explore the best-hidden Dalmatian spots!


 Hot summer nights in Split are tempting. Generations have been talking about these nights during their youth, with a gentle breeze blowing through their hair and imprinting memories into their minds forever. Can you experience the same? Why not even better?

Experience the ‘hidden gem’ and explore the most beautiful Mediterranean coastline. If you ask any local man or woman in Split what was the most exciting thing they would do while they were young, all would reply; sailing in the sunset around Split.

Sail with us into the dusk in Split! Free your mind and soothe your body.

Enjoy two hours of the beautiful sunset view from the sailboat, local wine, swimming, and snorkeling with provided equipment in the beautiful Adriatic sea! After this adventure, we promise you’ll dive into the evening with so much ease and relaxation.

See you on the magical summer night in Split!

It’s more than STAYlicious, and it’s Roman- tiq!

Croatian attractions Split 8 1024x542
Croatian attractions Split 8 1024×542

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Connoisseurs, and many others, know the ‘story’ of Zinfandel, one…
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