Organ Vida Festival is the biggest international photography event in Croatia, but also the biggest independent photography festival in Southeast Europe that gathers and presents photographers and artists, professionals and experts in several different galleries and institutions in Zagreb. The festival team is composed of young creative professionals whose goal is to promote Croatian and other emerging and renowned photographers and reflecting on the photography as a medium in a wider social context by presenting works that focus on relevant stories from all over the world and that encourage critical thinking.

This year, the main festival week takes place from 10 to 16 September 2018 in Zagreb, while exhibitions in several different venues in Zagreb shall remain open until the end of September 2018. Each year, Organ Vida problematizes the main thematic framework which tackles the current socio-political situation, and this year’s jubilee edition is entirely devoted to women’s perspectives. The topic of the 10th edition and the title of the main exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the festival’s main partner, is Active, Engaged, Aware – Women’s Perspectives Now. The authors of this year’s concept (read more about it below) are the curators Lea Vene and Marina Paulenka.

In addition to the main exhibition, whose participants had been selected by the jury consisting of Arvida Byström (Sweden), Fiona Rogers (Great Britain), Laia Abril (Spain), Nina Berman (USE), Tomoko Sawada (Japan) and Katalin Ladik (Hungary), at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb there will be three other exhibitions – Privilege by Amalia Ulman; Vigilance, Struggle, Pride – Through Her Eyes; and A History of Misogyny, Chapter 1: On Abortion by Laia Abril.

The festival program includes not only exhibitions, but lectures and artists’ presentations, workshops for professionals, a conference on contemporary photography, film screenings, and workshops for kids. It will take place in a number of venues in Zagreb – from the aforementioned Museum of Contemporary Art to the Academy of Dramatic Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Kino Europa, Forum Gallery, Greta Gallery, Kranjčar Gallery, Nova Gallery, PM Gallery (HDLU), SC Gallery, Šira Gallery, f8 Gallery, ORIS House of Architecture, Hall V (Technical Museum Nikola Tesla), and Pogon Jedinstvo to Medika, where an exciting club program awaits you.

This 10th jubilee edition of Organ Vida will gather many international, emerging and renowned artists and contemporary photographers with the common goal of advancing the art and contemporary photography, and through a curated program inspire consideration and discussion of some of the key global socio-political issues not only among professionals but the general public.

The grand opening of the main exhibition as well the Festival will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, from 8 pm. See you next week on the 10th edition of Organ Vida!


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