2nd International Conference on Diaspora Tourism

2nd International Conference on Diaspora Tourism will take place in Split, Croatia from 17th till 18th May 2019.

The main aim of this Conference is to reconnect Croatian Diaspora with their homeland and set new goals regarding Diaspora tourism.

With the new trend in tourism appearing, Diaspora tourism, along with reports from sources such as the UN World Tourism Organisation predicting continued growth in world tourism, the focus is turning towards how communities can cater for the tourism needs of their Diaspora cohort.

Croatian diaspora conference


Diaspora tourism includes experiences which focus on the study of culture, art, folklore, sports games and pilgrimages, to name a few.

Immigrants and descendants of immigrants from countries that maintain close relations with their Diaspora, such as Israel, Mexico, China, Ireland, Portugal, the Philippines, Polish, Czech, Italy and Croatia along with others, are taking on a multitude of roles in the Diaspora tourism market.
They not only have the role of the consumer in this market but they are also the investors and creators of opportunities.

The Diaspora tourism, the international conference aims to bring together scientists and tourism experts from different countries of the world, especially the Mediterranean, in order to share their experiences from their countries and collaborate in developing new understandings and approaches around Diaspora tourism.







Proposed Themes:

  • Experiences of diaspora tourism, a general overview
  • Investment Foundation in tourism (investment, the possibility of buying real estate…)
  • Promotion of Diaspora tourism by emigrants in the countries where they live
  • Cultural tourism (the museum, archives, etc., music, folklore, theater, and other festivals and events)
  • Sports tourism (young people, recreation, etc.)
  • Art and Tourism (and the possibility of linking exposure to emigrant artists)
  • Health tourism and the aging population


Chief organiser:
Centar za istraživanje Hrvatskog iseljeništva

Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar, podružnica Split
Hrvatska gospodarska komora
Poliklinika Bagatin


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