A Big Luxurious Croatian Wedding

Sikh wedding in Croatia, photo by Mihoci Studios, Dreamtime Croatia

Planning a wedding?

Wedding in Croatia, by Dreamtime Croatia photo by Mihoci Studio

Make out your wishlist, envision your dream, then relax and let Dreamtime team do the rest.

And all that will be happening in magnificent Croatia.

Dreamtime Events Croatia is an international team of professional creative event planners.
First-class event planning experience from their native countries coupled with all of the amazing possibilities that Croatia has to offer.
Their objective is clear – to organize a professional, successful and memorable event for you on one of the simply spectacular locations:

Roman wedding Salona, by Dreamtime events, photo by Edon photography

Sikh wedding in Trogir, Croatia, photo by Mihoci Studio photo credit by Dreamtime

Photo by- Ben Moore Organized by- Dreamtime Events Croatia
Wedding party, The island of Šolata, Croatia, Dreamtime events, photo by Ona Day studio


Whichever location you pick, an unforgettable wedding and lifetime memories are guaranteed.

Some of the favorite themes are:

Ancient Roman Wedding in Tusculum Garden at Salona

Roman wedding, by Dreamtime, photo by Edon Photography

Roman wedding in Solin, by Dreamtime events, photo by Edon photography

Roman wedding by Dreamtime events, Solin, Croatia, photo by Edon photography

Roman wedding by Dreamtime events, Croatia, photo by Edon photography

Diocletian Palace Wedding in Private Villa in Split

Historic Castle Wedding in Mediterranean Garden at the castle on Šolta Island

Luxury Terrace Wedding on Hvar Island

Secret Island Wedding on Palmižana –  The Paklinski Islands, Hvar

Dream Yacht Wedding on Dalmatian Coast

Dreamtime Croatia, Trogir, Wedding party, photo by Mihoci studios

And what the happy couples liked the most about their Dreamtime Croatian wedding check out in their testimonial

And enjoy the Gallery of Love!

Wedding party, by Dreamtime Croatiaphoto, photo by Mihoci Studio

Dreamtime events, wedding in Split, Diocletian’s palace, photo credit Mihoci Studio

Dreamtime Croatia, wedding, photo by Mihoci studios

The city of Trogir, wedding, Dreamtime Croatia, photo by Mihoci Studios

Trogir, Brow beach hotel, Dreamtime Croatia, wedding party, photo by Mihoci Studio

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