A Croatian is the UFC Heavyweight Champion!

As things settled a bit since the fantastic fight between Stipe Miočić and Francis Ngannou where Miočić, a distinct underdog in the eyes of the organization, won the match after five exhausting rounds, it seemed that all that the audience thought to themselves was, “Who is Stipe Miočić?”
The name that sounds quite Croatian could reveal a part of that mystery, but what else is good to know about this bold fighter?
He was born and raised in the city of Euclid, Ohio to Croatian parents. Since his early years, he had strong support from home in doing sports. His high school years were also marked with a lot of games but mostly baseball, which led him to a quite promising career in college leagues.
While at college, he also majored in marketing and communications at Cleveland State University.
He later pursued and finished paramedic education at Cuyahoga Community College, and during that period, he gained more interest in mixed martial arts. His trainer soon saw what a raw talent Miočić was and encouraged him to pursue mixed martial arts professionally.
One tournament led to another, and in no time, his stats were amazing. Out of 20 fights, 18 of them were a victory for Miočić and counting.
Although born and raised in the USA, Stipe Miočić was always a proud Croatian and a silent fighter who knew that all the right things come from hard work and sacrifice.
We all hope Stipe will continue this fantastic series of victories in the UFC ring and also promote the homeland he was always proud of.

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