A hot air balloon – new tourist attraction over Papuk

Papuk Nature Park will soon have a new tourist attraction – a hot air balloon!!!

Photo credit by Balon klub Zagreb


The visitors of the first Croatian Geopark under the protection of UNESCO will experience the bird’s eye perspective of the Park. Beautiful wide forest areas, medieval fortresses, and other natural beauties of Papuk Nature Park will be seen from the sky.

Photo credit by Balon klub Zagreb

It is planned 30 promotional flights in the wider area of the Park and out of the borders of Croatia.

All provided by Balloon Club Zagreb.

The visitors will be informed of the exact date of the promotional flight or bound flight.

The hot air ballooning is dependent on a number of external factors that we cannot influence so the visitors will be informed one or two days before. The first flyover of Papuk is planned for April 2019.

All flights are promotional and free but with prior notification and confirmation of registration of the Public Institution Papuk Nature Park.









Photo credit by Balon klub Zagreb


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