A New video of Hvar – take a peek

A small creative team of the Hvar Tourist Board made a new video with which they wish to show the natural beauty of the destination as well as mark May 15th, the day when the Hygienic Society was founded 152 years ago. This was the first tourist association of that kind in Europe.

Hvar Tourist Board releases new video on the occasion of the 152nd year of organized tourism in the city of Hvar 

Hvar, a video made by TB of Hvar


 Petar Razović, director of the Hvar Tourist Board, points out: “We are extremely pleased to see an increase in lovers of the natural beauty of Hvar, and this video is a kind of thanks to them and a message that they are welcome in our city as soon as it’s time to travel again.“

 The specific position and natural and historical heritage of Hvar Island have been the stimulus for the development of organized tourism since 1868.

Today Hvar is a world-famous tourist destination, which was also named the best island in Europe by the magazine “Conde Nast Traveler” in 2019.

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