APPLE PIE – A famous classic

Apple pie is a famous classic. It is mostly prepared in the continental part of Croatia but will always be one of the most popular desserts. It will fill your kitchen with the scent of cinnamon and remind you of childhood and grandma’s cuisine! Try our Apple pie recipe and share it with your loved ones!


Ingredients for the dough: 40 dkg hard flour,30 dkg butter,7 dkg sugar,2 yolk,2 tablespoon sour cream,1 teaspoon rakija/Croatian brandy,powdered sugar;Filling ingredients: 15 dkg apricot jam, 1 kg apple, 6-8 dkg sugar, cinnamon, vanillin sugar, raisins, lemon juice;


Making the filling: Peel apples, slice in thin slices, add sugar, vanillin sugar, raisins, lemon juice, shortly saute in a margarine greased pan. (a very thin layer of margarine, just enough to prevent burning)

Making the dough: Crumble cold butter slices into flour, add sugar, yolk, rakija, cream and whisk into dough. Leave to sit in a cool place for an hour to two. Cooled dough split into half and roll out. Spread one half on a floured baking pan (about 40×25 cm) and place in an oven. When half-baked, coat with marmalade and filling and cover with the other dough half. Pierce with a fork on couple of places and bake till done on 200°C. Warm pie sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut into slices.

Practical tip:

You can prepare the dough the day before and leave to sit in the refrigerator

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