Art and culture

Zagreb is a beautiful Central European city, full of parks and squares.
The city center is divided into two parts, The Upper and Lower town/Downtown, which connects the shortest funicular in the world.

Zagreb is a city of excellent restaurants, bars and clubs, museums and theaters, a city of galleries, and a city of culture.

And all of you whose hearts were broken at least once, don’t miss the famous Museum of Broken Relationships while you are in Zagreb.

We are proud of Croatia’s tangible and intangible historical heritage, customs, people, tradition, and lifestyle.

Tilda Grossel Bogdanovic, Brian Swardstrom, Joel Coen, Mirsad Purivatra, Peter Spears photo by Robert Medvedec, photo credit by PONTA LOPUD FILM FESTIVAL


JOEL COEN HAS ARRIVED ON LOPUD Multiple Oscar winner Joel Coen arrived in the company of Oscar winner and producer Peter Spears and renowned film agent Brian Swardstrom on the island of Lopud, becoming a creative cultural hub for film…
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Photo by M. MIhaljević, Zagreb Classic, The square of King Tomislav, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by TB of the City of Zagreb

Zagreb Classic – Heavenly sounds under open skies

This June, a renowned festival will once again gather lovers of excellent classical music to one of the most beautiful squares in Zagreb.  Photo by M. MIhaljević, Zagreb Classic, The square of King Tomislav, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by TB…
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The Map Little Zagreb - photo by Boška i Krešo, photo credit by Mali Zagreb & TB of The city of Zagreb

Stop, look down… and find the Little Zagreb

Some stories are always welcome – like the story of Little Zagreb! Again, the “Little Zagreb” project started. This year, the unique project made of miniature installations is in Zagreb once more. It is a series of miniature installations set…
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Easter customs of Zagreb fakins! 

Zagreb fakini (fakin meaning; ‘dude’ or ‘guy’, rowdy and hooligan) used to practice the old Croatian Easter tradition of daying eggs (pisanica). But fakins do not paint ordinary eggs. Their target was the “eggs” of King Tomislav’s horse at Zagreb’s…
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STAYLICIOUS flying dress, Zagreb, photo rights by Croatian attractions


Flying dress photos could easily pass as fashion magazine spreads. They are breathtakingly beautiful and empower thousands of women to gain the self-confidence of supermodels. Staylicious dress Zagreb, Croatia, photo right by Croatian Attractions What is a “Flying dress “? …
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Let it be the Festival of Lights in Zagreb 

Spring and light have always been two intertwined terms. Spring is like a gentle awakening from winter sleep: the days are longer, the light falls on the towns and forests, rivers and mountains. It brings life onto the streets, into…
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CASTLE IN KRK, Croatia, The Routes of the credit by Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

The Routes of the Croatian noble family Frankopan

Grobnik Castle, Croatia, The Routes of the Frankopans. photo credit by Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Castles, fortified towns above the sea, endowments… Battles, victories and defeats, diplomatic games and conspiracies, personal dramas, and national turning points… If you start from Krk,…
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The street, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit Hangover Museum

The Museum of Hangover?

You must have seen at least one Hangover movie or all of them…But have you been to the Museum of Hangover?   Prohibition years, photo credit Museum of Hangover, Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb seems to have no lack of extraordinarily original…
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