Art and culture

Zagreb is a beautiful Central European city, full of parks and squares.
The city center is divided into two parts, The Upper and Lower town/Downtown, which connects the shortest funicular in the world.

Zagreb is a city of excellent restaurants, bars and clubs, museums and theaters, a city of galleries, and a city of culture.

And all of you whose hearts were broken at least once, don’t miss the famous Museum of Broken Relationships while you are in Zagreb.

We are proud of Croatia’s tangible and intangible historical heritage, customs, people, tradition, and lifestyle.

The street, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit Hangover Museum

The Museum of Hangover?

You must have seen at least one Hangover movie or all of them…But have you been to the Museum of Hangover?   Prohibition years, photo credit Museum of Hangover, Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb seems to have no lack of extraordinarily original…
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The Museum of Illusions, Zagreb, Croatia, photo credit by Petar Santini

In Zagreb Illusions live in Museum

Among many exciting and unique museums in Croatia, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb was the birthplace of another entertaining and interesting museum that won over the globe! Want to find out more? Read further about the Museum…
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photo credit by Mata Croata

A Return to Life by Mate Turić

We are very proud of protégé, the young Croatian sculptor Mate Turić, Mata Croata, and his participation in this year’s Paris Salon. The name of his art is symbolic and so contemporary.  A Return to Life by Mate Turić, the…
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Tea Jurišić, The Street Triptych project, photo credit by Ernest Mazarekić and Bruno Vranić

Three talented ladies author of new street art in Zagreb

The street art scene is richer again in Zagreb, where Rearrange My Pump Association and the Zagreb Tourist Board collaborate on the Street Triptych project. The Street Triptych project This time, selected Zagreb street panels were painted by three talented…
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Wooden toys, mini villages, Porcijunkolovo, Čakovec, Međimurje, Croatia, photo credit by archives of Porcijunkulovo

“Porcijunkulovo” of Međimurje

‘Porcijunkulovo’ is a word that even Croatians cannot pronounce without provoking the laughter of the people of Međimurje. However, at the end of July, visitors from all parts of Croatia and beyond come to the largest cultural and tourist event…
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St Peter Cathedral, Đakovo, Croatia, photo by Vladimir Franolić, photo credit by Đakovo TB

The Cathedral of St. Peter in Đakovo

The St. Peter’s Cathedral’s construction (1866–1882) is the most crucial event in the cultural history of Đakovo and one of the most essential Croatian construction projects of its time. Pope John XXIII described it; The most beautiful Cathedral between Venice and…
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Ponta Lopud film festival, photo by Zoran Marinović,, Croatia

PONTA LOPUD – a new film festival in a new place

Croatian island Lopud with its stunning beauty and uncomparable Mediterranean charm has become the home of a brand new international film festival Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, Co-founder and organizer of the festival, said Lopud is the festival’s exciting content to connect…
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The “exhibition in the move” in Zagreb

After the summer event ‘Art Park’, the association ‘Rearrange my pump’ starts a new project, ‘Street Triptych’, to enrich Zagreb’s streets with small street art masterpieces. This unique “exhibition in the move” will turn street panels into a “living” painting…
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Croatia to the World -a unique multimedia exhibition

A unique multimedia exhibition has been set up in the beautiful Meštrović pavilion, Croatia to the World. 1500 exhibits and 38 greats who contributed to the development of the entire world history. It seems that what we collect, publish and…
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