ASTA Destination Expo event will be held in Dubrovnik in June 2021

ASTA in Dubrovnik, 2020.

ASTA Destination Expo event will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in June 2021

American Society of Travel Advisors, ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel advisors, the travel industry, and the traveling public. Its members represent 80 percent of all travel sold in the United States through the travel agency distribution channel. Together with hundreds of internationally-based members, ASTA’s history of industry advocacy traces back to its founding in 1931 when it launched with the mission to facilitate the business of selling travel through effective representation, shared knowledge, and the enhancement of professionalism.

ASTA Destination Expo is an international destination event taking place annually in a different location every year.

ASTA 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia
ASTA 2020, Dubrovnik, Croatia
This year’s event will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 2021. 

The event is dedicated to the training of outbound U.S. travel advisors to become destination specialists in select countries. Attendees can expect to receive first-hand destination training from local experts, connect face-to-face with leading travel suppliers, and visit and experience the destination at an affordable price before recommending to your clients.

  Here’s what you can expect during this event.

·  Educational sessions to learn the secrets of selling the beautiful country of Croatia

·  Complimentary sightseeing tours

· Unique evening receptions

·  Appointment sessions to allow you to meet 1:1 with local suppliers, plus a trade show of local suppliers

·  Pre/Post Educational Journeys opportunities provided at an additional fee

ASTA 2020, Croatia, Dubrovnik
ASTA 2020, Croatia, Dubrovnik

Exhibiting is open to all Croatia Travel Suppliers, including tour companies, B&Bs, Hotel, Cruise that serves this region, car services,and regional destination management companies. 

  If you’re a U.S. supplier ASTA member interested in attending as a non-exhibitor, you may register through the online registration site.

Asta in Dubrovnik
Asta in Dubrovnik

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