Bajadera – Pralina and ‘ballerina’

From its successful beginnings till today, Kraš company cultivates and develops a tradition of production based on the highest quality of a rich assortment of products. We have been enjoying in one of the most sought Croatian sweets for more than 50 years, trying to make it at home and after so many attempts we never guessed the original recipe. We are here to give you more information about our most famous praline – Bajadera.

The specialty of Bajadera, except in flavor, is also hidden in the origin of the name. Our well-known sweet has been named after an oriental court dancer. The name ‘Bajadera’ was previously associated with women who performed Indian ritual dances, and this „virtuoso dancer“ inspired the legendary Marius Petipa to create one of the most demanding ballets of the classical repertoire in 1877 for the Sankt-Peterburg Mariinsky Theatre to Ludwig Minkus music. It is no surprise that our most famous praline has been for a long time a partner for the same show. The creamy nougat in two colors, from the finest hazelnuts and almonds, mingles in the mouth like a virtuoso dance and creates a spell of flavor, and its story is amazing as the soldiers and dancers of the ballet. Bajadera was originally handmade and packed in the luxury boxes along with other desserts of nougat, but because of its specialty in 1954, it was independently placed on the market. An exotic, different and easy-to-remember name was created by Kraš’s creative team in the fifties of the last century. Since then, Bajadera has become so popular and widespread in this part of Europe that it is easily recognizable without wrapping. The best-selling and best-known Croatian praline, because of its originality and unique features in 1997 became the first product that got the label „Originally Croatian“. Today’s design of Bajadera originates from 1989 and despite minor changes, it still has a unique visual identity that is recognized by the generations of consumers. It is now available in several packages; whether it is a personal consumption (Bajadera can be bought on pieces at Kraš’s stores) or in exclusive gift packs.

Many describe this dessert as one who has the power to make us happier, it reminds us of childhood or exclusivity because Bajadera was served for special occasions or a surprise visit of a mom’s friend. This Croatian product, apart from recognizability and strength in Croatia, has for many years been a true taste of Croatia in foreign markets and has won many domestic and international awards.

Enjoy in the divine and creamy taste of the queen of all desserts – Bajadera!


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