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I spoke with Filip Jakovac, a young entrepreneur who gave up his law profession and started a series of unique and adventurous touristic tours with Balkan theme.

We had a great time speaking about Yugo and Balkan roads, but then he mentions Balkan Yacht Adventures...and what should I do? Have fun again. After we recently found out everything about his first exciting project- Balkan Roads, we were eager to know what thrilling novelties does this newest trip, which combines sailing and walking, brings us.


croatia2go: Filip, should I address you as a lawyer?
Filip: Hahahha. Bygones.
croatia2go: Never say never. But, let’s talk about a seemingly similar story as the last one (Balkan Roads), but then again it’s not –  Balkan Yacht Adventure. Can you let us know all about it?
Filip: Right. Unlike Balkan Roads, Balkan Yach Adventure has the carefully tailored itinerary, date of start and finish, accommodation settled and many activities as well; the BYA is always thematic while Balkan Roads isn’t.
More important are the features they share such as carefully picked Balkan gastronomical, cultural and natural purports, the local skippers and guides who know a bunch of interesting stuff about the history of the places we visit, its culture, etc. Through six days of sailing through the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic sea followed by three days of walking the cobbled back – alleys of Sarajevo, our guests will have our full attention and care during the Balkan Yacht Adventure Yoga theme. The same goes for BYA hiking theme, but unlike BYA yoga where the destination is Split archipelago, our BYA hiking will be Kvarner archipelago on the north of Croatia.
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croatia2go: It’s not only sailing it’s much more, adventure, adrenaline, yoga and so…very interesting…
Filip: It’s a really relaxing, serene and beautiful trip that revives your senses by island hopping and exploring the most beautiful beaches, smelling the scents of pines while climbing on the island tops and mountainous areas or the streets of Sarajevo that have borne the feet of hundreds of generations.
So – yogis of the world, unite! There are nine days of island hopping, rafting, meditating on the Bosnian pyramids while achieving the inner peace, joy, and harmony. Balkan Yacht Adventure is a truly unique and unseen combo of Mediterranean and Bosnian – Turkish culture which really leaves no-one indifferent.
croatia2go: Share with our readers and us the dates? I’m sure people are really looking forward to joining you. What’s the price?
Filip: It starts on September 21. and lasts till September 29. this year. The price is 1300€, and it includes almost everything from boat cabin rent, accommodation in Sarajevo, transport to Sarajevo and back, rafting tickets, pyramids tickets, yoga teacher, skipper, scooters on the island of Vis, rafting on Hvar, entrance to pyramids, etc.
So it’s also a mixture of different means of transportation that guarantees fun and sightseeing. A web page is
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croatia2go: Wow!!! It seems reasonable and affordable – moreover great fun! You mention Yacht Adventure hiking thematic, also this year?
Filip:  We will organize it if there will be at least 8 people who want to join. It will start at the beginning of October than. It’s really a cool project consisted of six days of hiking on the highest island tops in the Kvarner bay followed by three days of hiking on the nearby mountains in the continental area. The guests will experience an incredible mixture of hiking with the sea permeated breeze and sleeping in the thick forest mountain huts a few days later. The date would be from October 05. – October 13.2019. The sea temperature is still ok for swimming, and the mountainous air is fresh, not cold. The price is 1300€, and it includes almost everything from boat cabin rent, accommodation in mountain huts, transport to mountains and back, bicycle rents, personal hiking tourist guide, skipper, etc.
Balkan Yacht Adventure-sailing
croatia2go: Price, again, ok, but tell us more about value for money?
Filip: We cultivate personal touch to our guests, and we want it to stay like that. That’s why we’re accepting the maximum of 30 guests per Balkan Yacht Adventure week, and regarding Balkan Roads, there can be much more than that because of the character of the project.
So if you find yourself being an active soul, active personality, ambitious in life but kind, socially sensitive and aware of the different values in life than just the material ones with a bit of a will to learn something new and experience a bunch of new stuff – you fit the profile. 😉 We look forward to seeing you.
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croatia2go: No goats this time? I think even more. 🙂

And donkeys, right? 🙂 Riding the donkeys!!!! This you should add, as an extra value – Should I say that? Common mister Lawyer 🙂 You can thank me later 🙂
Filip Jakovac, as always it was a pleasure speaking to you. I hardly wait for some upcoming adventures and of course some testimonials. As I mentioned last time – WE ARE PROUD of you guys. You do an excellent job; you are creative and innovative and – just do what you do the best. (I didn’t mean practising the law 🙂
Keep us posted with the new stuff.
Filip: Sure I will. You’ll be overwhelmed by pick and videos. 🙂
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Andreja Horvatić, editor in chief/ŠEF 🙂

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