800 g Borlotti beans,200-250 g carrot,150-200 g celery root, parsley, salt, pepper, minced sweet and spiced red pepper,3 dry laurel leaves,2 sausages, dried pork rib, prosciutto or bacon, a piece of bone (provides excellent flavor), tomato sauce, olive oil


Pick quality Borlotti beans and leave them to soak overnight. Soaked beans cook 5-10 minutes, pour out excess water, and pour in hot water by a quarter above bean level. Cut carrot and onion into cubes or slices, celery root cut if necessary, mix ingredients into the soup, add laurel, rinsed dried meat, and sausage slices, sprinkle with olive oil, and leave to simmer lid-on on medium heat for 40 minutes. Rest of onion and carrot fry in an oil pan; once gold, stir into soup. Season with salt and pepper.
Leave the soup to simmer lid-on for about an hour or until soft. Once finished, prepare roux for soup. Gently fry in oil 2-3 finely chopped garlic, stir in 1-2 tablespoon flour and a pinch of minced red pepper. Stir on high heat for a minute until liquid and without lumps. Trinkle roux into soup with stiring. Leave to simmer for another 10 minutes.

Practical tip:

Optional: add in one tablespoon of minced sweet red pepper and tomato concentrate.

bean soup
bean soup

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