Bizovac Spa

Just around 20km from Osijek you’ll find Bizovac Spa (Bizovačke Toplice) and unlike most of the spa resorts we mentioned in some of our last posts about health tourism, this is one of the youngest resorts in Croatia but the quality is more than on point. Health tourism started to blossom there in the late 60s when hot water was discovered on the spot where it should have been drilled for oil.
The thermal sources of water were really a big surprise with one thermal source of 96 degrees and another of 85 degrees.
The water from Bizovac is rich in minerals and extremely salty which is all beneficial for health. The first pool and hotel there were built in 1974, and since then, it developed into a complex with a hospital for medical rehabilitation and many pools and pool parks of all kinds.
Thermal waters of Bizovac are extremely good for skin issues such as psoriasis which was proven to help. Besides skin diseases, the spa offers many benefits to patients with cardiovascular problems and those with orthopedic problems as well.

This water was a part of the ancient Pannonian sea and is as salty as sea water. Similar kinds of water can be found in Poland, Italy, and France but analysts have proven that Bizovac thermal mineral water is only and the warmest iodine hyperthermal water in Europe!



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