This simple traditional specialty from the continental part of Croatia is certainly one of the most delicious winter dishes! Although this dish might remind you of the Alps and Alpine kitchen, this dish truly is inspired by them but like always, Croats managed to make a slightly amended version but equally delicious.
So what are you waiting for? Try this simple recipe for blood sausages with sour cabbage!


Four blood sausages,700 g potato,500 g sauerkraut /sour cabbage,2 onion,2 tablespoon lard or duck or goose fat, 2 teaspoons sweet red pepper, salt, pepper


Cook unpeeled potato, peel, and slice. Melt lard in a pan and gently fry chopped onion; add potato, salt, pepper, and stir. Rinse sauerkraut and dry. Melt lard in a pan, gently fry chopped onion, add minced red pepper, and rinse sauerkraut. Leave to sear for 40 minutes, and occasionally add water and little white wine. Sauerkraut is ready when the liquid evaporates. Fry blood sausages in a pan with little oil. Pierce with a fork on a couple of places, cover, and fry on medium heat for 40 minutes (or in an oven). Serve the dish with fried sauerkraut and potato on the side.

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