The Croatian tennis team is in the Davis Cup finale for the third time. Our tennis players defeated the US by 3: 2 in Zadar. For a decisive victory, Borna Čorić is credited since he is the one who defeated Frances Tiafoe. So this is what Borna had to say:
“I think today really got the audience out. It’s not a phrase and I think it’s real. I was totally down. It was not easy for me, but when I saw that the people stayed and cheered, I just had to win.” Coric said. In the finals from November 23rd to November 25th, Croatia is visiting the defending champion- France, who in the semifinals has easily beaten Spain.
Zeljko Krajan, the coach of Croatian national tennis team, looked at the French and sought revenge for our soccer players.
“We have a link to that football, that finale. Let’s get them, if possible, rethink and seek revenge for that football match so that we can win and take the gold.
We have strong players in all positions and everyone can get their matches anywhere in the world. This is the strength of our team, “said Krajan.
This is truly one of the brighter moments in Croatian tennis and we have absolutely no doubt that our team will shine at their finest at the end of November!

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