Branding of Croatia – a Conference that connects!

This year’s Branding of Croatia Conference is held from 20-22. April in Ozalj Castle in the town of Ozalj. One of the best-known fortifications of this type in Croatia was the joint castle of the Croatian noble families of Frankopan and Zrinski.

This is one of the most significant national projects in Croatia, and this year the nation-branding conference and public, cultural and scientific diplomacy will be primarily concerned with the issue of survival.

The initiator and the director of the conference, Petar Ćurić from  Pula and a returnee from England, says that while the 1990s passed by, in the war for the Croatian territory and independence, today’s “peace” is also dangerous as we slowly but surely vanish as a nation.

“Croatian newspapers are full of politics, and nobody talks about statehood. We need initiatives that merge us, not divide us! “says Ćurić.

Some of the most successful Croatian returnees, immigrants, and perhaps future returnees will exhibit at the Branding of Croatia conference.

In cooperation with the State Office for Croatians outside the Republic of Croatia, the Croatian Heritage Foundation, the Croatian chamber of the economy and Karlovac County – this year under the auspices of the City of Ozalj – a project that the media has openly exerted as “the best conference in Croatia in the last 20 years” is fascinating in many ways.

First of all, by the profile of the lecturers. Rarely seen concentration of Croatian mind and excellence in one place by the number of excellent lecturers: Davor Pavuna, Martina Filjak, Andrija Čolak, Miroslav Vrankić, Goran Bandov, Marija Selak, Zdenka Weber, Anja Bauer, Nino Raspudić, Višnja Starešinaand many others. Then, prominent individuals with unimaginable financial influence: Plinio Cuccurin, one of the 10 richest Croatians according to Forbes, the “king of the oil” Tomislav Antunović, one of the most successful Bosnian Croats.

Young opera singer Leon Košavić, who recently debuted at the Royal Opera in London, and the global super-star Stjepan Hauser(2CELLOS), who will attend the conference via video link.

The greatest specialty of the conference lies in the innovative approach of the lecturer’s work with the participants, meaning practical, interactive and above all personal (looking to avoid excessive academy and to ask questions in a relaxed “American style” using open dialogue to the maximum).

Fortunately, this principle of work is feasible because of a limited number of participants in order to create an atmosphere of maximum trust, free flow of thought and unobstructed information exchange, and all potential participants enter the pre-selection process.


Davor Pavuna(Tesla World Foundation), physicist, inventor, a professor at the Institute in Lausanne. Former US President Obama’s energy adviser.

Goran Bandov, Dean of the High School of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjold, Lawyer, Politologist, Expert for International Political Relations and International Public Law. A returnee from Germany.

Ashley Colburn, US Destination Manager, Producer and TV Personality Expert. For the “WOW Croatia!” Series, awarded with the Golden Wheel of the Croatian Tourist Board and the American Television Award EMMY. Lives in California.

Anja Bauer Minkara, owner of Fabular, the only specialized branding agency in the region. For 14 years she was running Brandoctor in partnership with Bruketa and Žinić. Belonging to the Hall of Fame brand consultants. A returnee from England.

Plinio Cuccurin, lawyer, manager and entrepreneur, one of 10 richest Croatians according to Forbes and co-owner of Adris Group. He has done a lot for the prosperity of the citizens and communities.

Tomislav Antunović, “the king of the oil”, the hotel owner and one of the most successful Bosnian Croats. He opened the first private gas station in the former Yugoslavia (1987).

Andrija Čolak, owner of the most successful Croatian franchise in the world Surf’n’Fries and part of the team of inventors of the clever umbrella of KISHA. Considered as “Young Hope” by International Franchise Association, the largest franchise association in the world. A returnee from Canada.

Miroslav Vrankić, inventor of “readers of thoughts” and one of the few Croatians in “Europe 100 Outstanding Innovators”.

Martina Filjak, the best and most prized Croatian pianist in the world. Lives in Germany.

Marija Selak, social commentator, and university professor. Lives in Zagreb.

Petar Ćurić, a culture manager, initiator and project manager of the ‘Branding of Croatia in the World’ is a returnee from England and winner of a lot of prizes and awards.

And many others…

Applications only via e-mail at:

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