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Croatia is known for its long tradition as a Mediterranean paradise for camping enthusiasts, which is not surprising given the diverse scenery and beautiful indented coastline. Availability from all over Europe for a day’s drive is a great advantage, with thousands of islands and islets, peninsulas and bays making Croatia an idyllic holiday destination. Almost 90% of Croatian campsites are located along the Adriatic coast or on the islands, with the rest located near rivers and lakes.

Croatia has 640 campsites, of which 187 are medium-sized campsites and 453 smaller family campsites in households, rural households, and campsites. The total accommodation capacity of our campsites is 242,271 people – while the average Croatian campsite can accommodate 379 people (the average medium-sized campsite can accommodate 1,191 people and the average small campsite 43 people).

Istria has the highest camping capacity in the campsites, with 49% of the total camping capacity in the Republic of Croatia, followed by Primorsko-goranska County with 18%. Dalmatia has a total of 28% of the capacity of camps in the Republic of Croatia, of which the largest is Zadar (13%). The strongest continental county by several campsites is Karlovačka County, with 8 campsites.

About one-third of the capacity of our campsites is of the highest quality and is in the category of at least 4 *.

Camping Village Šimuni


Did you know that campers are almost one-third of all visitors to Croatia?

Camping is one of the most popular forms of accommodation in Croatia and 25% of all tourist nights are spent in camps. Most of the campsites are privately owned, which has resulted in a better quality offer, and the introduction of mobile homes, bungalows, and apartments have further raised the quality level of camping in Croatia.

Camping tourism in Croatia is very well developed and widespread, and Croatian campsites are distinguished by the fact that they are usually located in attractive and extremely preserved natural sites, mostly by the sea. The clean Adriatic Sea, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and a wide selection of campsites with outstanding facilities allow even the most demanding campers to find an idyll.

These are just some of the reasons why Croatia is often referred to as the “European number one camping destination” among connoisseurs.


Numerous islets, pine forests, charming coastal towns, beautiful beaches, sports, and recreational facilities and seaside location make for a diverse campsite offer. The pleasant climate with warm summers and mild spring and autumn allows most campsites to be open from April to late October.

It is interesting to note that Croatia has the longest naturist tradition in Europe, and with its well-equipped naturist camps, it continues the tradition and provides safety and quality.

The most developed regions in terms of many camps, their capacities, and quality of service are Istria and Kvarner with islands, while Dalmatia is the most attractive part of Croatia due to its nature, beautiful coastline, and many islands. Most campsites are located along the coast near the beach. Everyone can find their tailor-made campsite, from campgrounds – large campgrounds to small family campgrounds where each guest’s privacy is respected. The quality of the campsites generally meets the European criteria, while camping prices are among the most favorable in the Mediterranean. It should also be noted that camping outside the camp is prohibited by law.

The criteria for selecting the best campsites are clearly defined – campsites must meet the minimum technical requirements for the 4 * category, with a particularly high quality of toilets, accommodation units, catering, and shopping facilities and leisure facilities. The quality of the offer must also be confirmed when visiting the inspector.

According to the selection criteria for the best campsites, we will single out several campsites by region that have been selected or are already among the top European campsites by ADAC. You can also find the tiniest detail about camping in Croatia on the Croatian Camping Union website (

In the German-speaking world, ADAC is often referred to as the “campers’ bible”, and its title tells a lot about the great meaning it has among connoisseurs. Germans are traditionally our number one campsite guests, so their ratings are very important to us and very important for the Croatian camping sector.

The ADAC campsite guide, in addition to being of general importance for the German-speaking area, is also very significant in that it also uses a special campsite rating system, generally accepted as Europe’s most important campsite quality assessment system. The average quality of Croatian camps in 2019 has increased by 3%!

At the end of last year, a guide to German ADAC camps for 2019 was presented, listing 129. The ADAC Superplatz has the Zaton Holiday Resort, Krk Premium Camping Resort, Valalta, Val Saline, and Šimuni so far. This year, 5 new Croatian campsites have been awarded the designation and, along with five existing ones, they have been selected by the ADAC for the best leading European campsites.

This year’s recognized campsites are Aminess Marayea Camping Resort, Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, Omišalj, Baška Beach Camping Resort, and Straško.

So… Let’s find out more about these campsites!

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