Beautiful castles in Croatia

Veliki Tabor Castle, Croatia, photo by Siniša Žnidarec

The castle signifies the historical construction of a residential and defensive function and a richer architectural conception, inhabited by rulers, noblemen, or wealthier possessors. The castles were the headquarters of the estates from which the estates were managed, but lived in. Castles were regularly built in the countryside, and rarely in settlements. Outbuildings, gardens, and parks are usually attached to the castle as the center of the estate. Croatia’s cultural heritage is made up of hundreds of castles, forts, and mansions.

Forts and castles in Croatia were built mainly during the Middle Ages, and many have been turned into museums today. The timeframe of emergence also had the greatest impact on the gorgeous beauties we know today. We have highlighted a few historical buildings that are worth a visit if you have the chance!


Dvor Veliki Tabor, Photo by Nadica Jagarčec

Veliki Tabor Castle

Veliki Tabor is one of the best-preserved late medieval and Renaissance fortified cities of continental Croatia. Renovated in 2011, it allows its visitors to experience some of the most beautiful rooms of the Renaissance period. Built-in the second half of the 15th century, it is located on the western edge of the Croatian Zagorje. His history is mostly related to the Ratkaj family, but also numerous legends and stories that are part of this court. The most famous legend relates to the beautiful Veronika Desinić, who, due to forbidden love, remained walled in the knight’s lounge. The legend says that her cry can still be heard today from the walls of that historic building. Enjoy a virtual walk at

Dvor Veliki Tabor, Photo by Goran Gluhak

Castle Trakošćan

Trakošćan is a cultural property, and it is a protected historical site consisting of a castle, buildings adjacent to the castle, parks and a forest park with a lake. Today, the castle is one of the few buildings in Croatia with its heritage, historically closely related to the architectural framework and the life of its owners.


By its many characteristics, Trakošćan is considered to be the most beautiful castle in Croatia. Originally built in the 14th century, it was originally a small medieval fortress – a burg.

Croatian-Attractions-Trakošćan-castleIt did not get its final appearance until the mid-19th century. That is when the Drašković family decides to transform it into a residential castle. The family at that time also decided to design the landscape and create a beautiful park, modeled on English parks of the time. The large artificial lake that is still breathless today is also the work of Drasković and one of the most beautiful aesthetic additions to this castle.



Pejačević Castle in Našice

Situated in a park, today a city park, with the beauty of a smaller castle and outbuildings, it captures the attention of casual passersby. The foundations of the original castle were laid in the early 19th century.

Pejačević castle, photo credit by Našice local history museum

A few decades later, the castle was rebuilt to give today’s baroque appearance. Along with the large castle is erected a park of romantic features as well as a lake, which gives the castle a very special charm. The castle is open to the public and houses a museum, memorial rooms, ethnographic collections, and many other sights of the area.

Pejačević castle, Našice, photo credit by Našice local history museum

Ozalj Castle

Ozalj Castle is a castle in the town of Ozalj. The medieval town of Ozalj is situated on a cliff above the Kupa River. Built and upgraded in different epochs, the 18th century finally gets the look it has today.

Ozalj castle

The castle itself is entered via a bridge that once served as the defense of the city itself. Numerous noble families, most certainly the most famous ones of Zrinski and Frankopan, often resided in this historic building. Today, these interiors are home to a museum open to the public. Visitors can thus enjoy discovering the peculiarities of architecture as well as the numerous works of art that adorned the curiosities that graced the era of historical greats.


Ozalj castle by Croatian Attractions

The Old Town Ozalj, photo credit by Ozalj

The Ozalj castle, winter


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