Central Croatia

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Central Croatia is divided into 5 parts around the main cities; Karlovac, Sisak, Koprivnica, Bjelovar and Podravina (which is the most eastern part of Central Croatia, according to our division)

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Renesansni festival u Koprivnici1

Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival

Croatia, as one of the top destinations in Europe, attracts a lot of tourists waiting to explore stunning National Parks, unspoiled nature, beautiful coastline, and rich history. These are just some of the reasons why Croatia is so famous as…
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Shooping street Trgovačka cesta Petrinja Croatia

Petrinja like it once was

The whole world saw the terrible damage caused by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake on Decemer 29th 2020.  to the small town of Petrinja near Sisak and only 50 km away from Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Petrinja, Croatia Thanks to the…
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KID 1211 1

Christmas magic in SalajLand

When winter holidays start approaching, everyone in Croatia can expect to see colorful and cheerful postcards all over the internet and TV coming from one place – SalajLand.  If you still miss the old feeling of Christmas like in your…
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MG 1670 1200x650

Sahara in Croatia or just The Sands of Đurđevac?

Croatian Sahara, Đurđevac, photo credit by TB of Đurđevac   The City of Đurđevac, located in Northern Croatia, is hiding an interesting natural phenomenon – the area the size of 40 football fields covered in sand! Of course, one cannot…
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On sweltering days like today…the name you should bear in mind is Slava Raškaj 🙂 The swimming near Munjara in Ozalj The city bath, at the base of the old power plant, was named after the painter Slavi Raškaj, who…
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Adrenalin Park Duboka

Adrenalin Park in Duboka is the new top destination of Papuk Nature Park in Slavonia. All of you who come to Croatia and want adrenaline and good fun, do not miss this adrenalin park. Come and test your skill! Adrenalin…
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Ozalj Munjara6

“Munjara” in Ozalj – the power of lighting

Hydroelectric power plant Ozalj “Munjara”   Hydroelectric power plant Ozalj “Munjara”, the protected monument of culture, is the oldest continental hydroelectric power plant in Croatia which was built and opened in 1908 to supply Karlovac lighting. The power plant was…
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Shirt made by Pag lace made by Mirjana Đorđe Tkalčec

International Lace Exhibition in Ozalj

Ozalj County Museum, 5th International Lace Exhibition Lace was very important in Croatia. Lace was a status symbol, it showed someone’s richness, origin, skill, and heritage. Just because of that in Croatia there are many different lace technics and designs. Moreover,…
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Branding Hrvatske Ozalj

Old town Ozalj

Just an hour away from Zagreb, in the very vicinity of Karlovac city, there is a town that seems like a scene for some old movie and that town’s name is Ozalj. A town and a fortress, surrounded by beautiful…
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By Fraxinus Croat CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 from Wikimedia Commons

Daruvar Spa- a secret kept for centuries

Croatia truly is a spring of nature giving its best to improve our health. There have been places throughout the whole country that had their medicinal purposes, and Daruvar Spa (Daruvarske Toplice in Croatian) is rightfully one of the top…
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pasta with cabbage


Pasta with cabbage is the real taste of childhood. This dish is a reminder of pleasant memories from childhood. It’s so easy to make, it’s delicious and it keeps you full for hours. What more can you ask for?  Here’s…
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veal knuckle

VEAL KNUCKLE – The perfect main dish

If you have invited friends for lunch and you don’t know what to prepare…veal knuckle is a great choice when choosing a main course! Ingredients: 1 veal knuckle, salt, pepper, roasting pan, aluminum foil Preparation: Thoroughly salt, pepper and oil the…
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