Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia is the ‘middle part’ of Dalmatia, which stretches along the coast and inland around the cities of Split and Šibenik. The interior of central Dalmatia also includes Knin town. The island part of this extremely interesting touristic, historical, cultural, and transport region also includes the largest Adriatic islands; Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Vis, but also many smaller ones.

Forest Lodge Sea View h

A private Adriatic island just for you – Obonjan

Dreaming of glamping on a private island with crystal clear water, lovely beaches, a piece of chillout music, and the smiling people around you having fun…a perfect summer. Finally. Forest Lodge at Obonjan Glamping Resort, Croatia, photo credit by Obonjan…
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Screenshot 4

The Brown Beach of Trogir

You are looking forward to coming to Croatia (go to Croatia)! Of course, you are!  Who isn’t? Brown Beach Hotel -restaurant- Trogir, Croatia, photo credit by The Brown Beach Hotel The Mediterranean, great food, excellent wines, summer vibe, and staycation…
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A True story of secret table for two in Croatia

I believe there are no women and many men who haven’t exhaled WOOW watching romantic scenes when dinner was served for just two in a restaurant that night was just theirs! TABLE FOR TWO, photo by croatia2go A table for…
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Meneghello Palmizana south bay

Palmižana, a hell of an Island

Once upon a time… is the best start of all stories…So let it be! Meneghello Palmizana, how it was, Meneghello family private photo archive The story I’m going to tell is still alive and kicking. It’s the story of my…
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3. Hotel Carice Elizabete

The old postcards tell a story of Hvar tourism

The first postcard of Hvar, photo credit by Siniša Matković-Mikulčić, Secret Hvar agency In the mid 19th century was known that Hvar’s climate has excellent qualities, and it’s suitable for treating a variety of illnesses, especially respiratory problems. Thanks to…
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Trogir Dalmatia photo by Matko M. Švarc

Trogir- if the walls of a city could speak…

Not many cities hold the status of a museum-city, and Trogir is one of those few in the world. Settled very near Split, Trogir is a perfect getaway for those who want to experience something unique and magical. Constituted by…
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Stella Croatica 8

Stella Croatica -The ethno-agro park

It all began on the island of Mljet in 2002, relying on the long-standing family tradition of agricultural production. The hardworking Dalmatian family used their knowledge and recipes that were passed on to generations for the preparation of local delicacies.…
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Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Tiramol is not just a rope. Tiramol means Dalmatia

These two parallel ropes connected by small pulleys between two houses where the clothes are dried can also be seen in Italy, Portugal, Spain…it is interesting to tourists and their cameras. Even today, the old town of Split uses Tiramol,…
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Kornati national park

We introduced you to some of Croatia’s well-known attractions in the form of national parks. The case of Kornati national park makes a special stance because this wonder of nature is entirely made of islands, smaller islands, and scaurs, or,…
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dalmatian coastn pasticada stew


The most famous Dalmatian dish is a favorite among culinary lovers in Croatia! Try this authentic Croatian recipe for Pašticada stew and enjoy in a traditional Dalmatian meal! Ingredients: 1.2 kg veal loin,15 kg pancetta,2 onions,200 g carrot,200 g celery,6…
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donuts from primoŠten


Donuts are usually associated with a carnival. It is believed that this became custom because the ingredients of the donut were once luxurious and for this reason, they were only prepared once a year. Although in Croatia people often link…
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