Cheese pie – Nostalgic reminder of childhood

The cheese pie is a nostalgic reminder of childhood, grandma’s kitchen and to somebody at his first pastry attempts. This simple but delicious recipe will leave the scent of vanilla in your kitchen!


Dough ingredients: 30 dkg hard flour ,a pinch of baking powder,20 dkg butter,10 dkg sugar,2 yolk,1 tablespoon sour cream,lemon zest;Filling ingredients:4 egg white,20 dkg sugar,50 dkg fresh cottage cheese,lemon zest,vanillin sugar,10 dkg raisins,powdered sugar;


Making the filling: Beat egg white until stiff, trinkle in sugar. Add rinsed and grinded cottage cheese, rinsed raising coated in flour, lemon zest, and vanillin sugar.

Making the dough: Crumble cold butter slices into flour, add sugar, yolk, rakija, cream and whisk into a dough. Leave to sit in a cool place for an hour to two. Cooled dough split into half and roll out. Spread one half on a floured baking pan (about 40×25 cm) and place in an oven. When half-baked, coat with marmalade and filling and cover with the other dough half. Pierce with a fork on a couple of places and bake till done at 200°C for 50 minutes. Warm pie sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut into slices.

Practical tip:

If the cheese filling is too watery, add a tablespoon of flour.

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