Chocolate Diocletian’s Palace


We literally have crush on chocolate Splits Diocletian’s Palace  – an exclusive souvenir made by Kraš

Kraš is the leading Croatian confectionery producer, but its popularity grows daily and without too much thinking Kraš deserves its place on the list of world-renowned sweets makers.

In the twenties of the last century, Kraš began to produce chocolate and deserts. From its successful beginnings to the present day, Kraš developed a tradition of production based on top quality and a rich product range.

With the project of Diocletian’s Chocolate Kraš Palace, the company transformed it’s mastermind’s skills into a product that will most effectively participate in creating memories of one of the oldest and most beautiful cultural monuments in Croatia. Diocletian’s Chocolate Palace, as a unique souvenir, provides a beautiful contribution to the rich Croatian, and thus to European heritage.

This brilliant idea will stimulate interest in cultural heritage in everyone because it combines in a specific way the promotion of Croatian culture in combination with the first-class chocolate!

The Chocolate Palace was built according to the original shape of the 305th-century palace. Reconstruction of the model is based on the scientific work of Jerko Marasović which lasted for 60 years (1923 – 2009). His daughter, architect Katja Marasović, has produced a detailed according to which sculptor Frane Šitum made a model. The Diocletian’s palace model was poured in 330 grams of white chocolate. In the box of chocolates, there is an attached bilingual booklet in Croatian and English, which, along with the photographs and floor plan, gives detailed information on the history and the shape of the Palace. This unique white fine chocolate souvenir delivers a sense of pleasure for all the senses. After a „walk“ through the chocolate Diocletian’s Palace, enjoy the taste of the finest chocolate. Diocletian’s palace from Kraš is a true delight for everyone!

Aside from the domestic market, numerous Kraš brands like Griotte and Bajadera, Dorina Chocolate, Napolitanke, Domaćica, Petit Beurre Biscuits, Ki-Ki, and Bronhi Candy are favorite desserts among many consumers around the world!

We are really pleased that the Kraš company always fulfills expectations with their genius ideas and we can not wait for their next step!

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