Closing ceremony of Eco Heritage task

“In my 5 years of EHTF, this is the best ending in my opinion so far” – said Mihovil Rora the leader of the project, who best describes the atmosphere of last Saturday in the town of Cres at the closing ceremony where he completed the HMI project that brings together young Croatian emigrants from of the whole world in volunteering and socializing in the homeland.

The Eco-Heritage Task Force 2018 closing ceremony was held in a romantic atmosphere in front of the Home School. The event was attended by the representatives of Primorsko-Goranska county Marina Medaric, the Head of the Croatian Heritage Foundation’s Rijeka branch office, Dejan Miculinić, the Head of the Mali Lošinj Education Center Goran Broz, and other representatives of the media, the local community, as well as the users of the House for the Elderly and Infirm.

The closing ceremony was opened by the play of the Croatian language workshop and this was followed by the screening of the drama workshop’s movie “Harms on Cres”, and a short presentation of the work of the EHTF media workshop.

In the end, commemorative gifts were given. Especially charming were the humorous awards that the leaders gave to this year’s participants.

Their story has not ended on Cres … the participants are still in Zagreb and Croatia these days. And this great summer HMI project will stay as an amazing memory and an inspiration for future years.

All photo by Walter Salković

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