Congress of Croatian Diaspora in Zagreb


On June 30th, at the grand Lisinski Music Hall in Zagreb, something amazing is going to take place- the 52nd Annual tamburitza festival of the young members from Croatian Fraternal Union.
This is going to be a great gathering of Croats from diaspora as well as those living in Croatia.
Eighteen folk groups from the USA are going to participate in the festival and many the guests from political and public life, friends of Croatian Fraternal Union, as well as numerous members of folk groups from Zagreb and its surroundings. This is the seventh festival organized by the Croatian Heritage Foundation in cooperation with the City of Zagreb. There are over 1200 participants in Zagreb and their many family members. It is a special way to connect with the country, but also a great step forward for the promotion of Croatia and its tourism.
Some of the attendees of the festival are the President of Croatian Fraternal Union, Mr. Edward W. Pazo, Vicepresidents Franjo Bertović and Michael Ricci and Chief secretary Bernadette Luketich Sikaras. Croatian Fraternal Union is the oldest and largest Croatian emigration organization and they have entrusted the organization of this festival to Croatia Heritage Foundation.
Both organizations put great efforts in maintaining Croatian identity among its young people living outside Croatia and this event is a form of saying „Thank you“ to all of them for doing it.


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