October 8th is a well-known date to everyone living in Croatia- the Independence Day! Every year on that date Croatia broke all the connections to former Yugoslavia and its legal connections to it.

At the Zagreb City Cemetery, Mirogoj, the Croatian government payed their respect to  Croatian defenders and the first president of Dr. Franjo Tudjman. On that occasion, they recalled what this meant in 1991 for Croatia.

“It was the time of the Homeland War and great national enthusiasm.”  Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said and pointed out that 27 years ago, the key objective – a free, independent and independent state – was achieved.

“As always in history, the Croatian Parliament was the body, the foundation that took care of the sovereignty of the Republic of Croatia, the interests of the Croatian state and the Croatian people and therefore we are proud to celebrate this day.” Plenkovic added.


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