Croatia private travel- from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Croatia private travel – from Zagreb to Dubrovnik

Imagine you could spend your holiday traveling through a country from the North all the way to the South with private transfer and licensed guides at every stop. Luckily, Croatia is the country for that! A small country for a big vacation with numerous attractions on the way.

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Croatia2Go The map of Croatia 1

Zagreb is the most common first stop when coming to Croatia, and it offers as many activities as you can imagine. From historical places fun seasonal attractions, etc., you won’t find a day in Zagreb that couldn’t be filled with some form of learning something new and fun.

Damija 2IMG 4798
The Meštrović Pavilion, also known as the Home of Croatian Artists and colloquially as the Mosque, photo by Matko M. Švarc

Because of Zagreb’s excellent location, from there you can take short trips to so many exciting places. On your way to the South, you will see all the highlights of Croatia in one private organized tour. The first stop is the remarkable castles in Zagorje region, especially Trakošćan, the most famous and visited medieval castle in Croatia and its surroundings.

Co to Croatia

After visiting this fantastic piece of history, the next stop is one of Croatia most famous natural attractions- Plitvice lakes and nearby Rastoke. The only way to find out why are people going crazy about this incredible work of nature is by paying a visit and seeing in person what gets its visitors in awe.


Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes 6
Sastavci Photo credit by NP Plitvice lakes

After Plitvice and its gorgeous waterfalls, it’s time to see how things are with the saltier water on the famous Adriatic seaside. The first sea stop is the island of lace, cheese, olives, and space-like landscapes. Yes, we are talking about Pag, the isle maybe most people recognize as Croatian Ibiza, but that only goes for a part of the island. The rest is a pure Mediterranean treasure hiding a ton of tradition and lovely memories.

268 Trg pet bunara Zadar foto Stipe Surac ADMIN Nov 25 201346 2020 Conflict
Trg pet bunara Zadar foto by Stipe Surac – photo credit by Zadar TB

From the island back to the coast. Zadar and Split are the next two stops and if you haven’t heard of these two unusual places that gain more popularity from year to year, then quickly read more about them on provided links, and you’ll wonder why haven’t you been there before. Zadar will amaze you with its legendary modern monuments Salutation to the Sun and The Sea Organ, while Split will leave a strong impression with a real gem of living history- Diocletian’s Palace.


Ston archives of Tourist Board of Ston 10
Ston archives of Tourist Board of Ston 10

Moving more and more toward the South, attractions become more and more interesting. After Zadar and Split, why not experience one of nature’s most excellent aphrodisiacs- oysters? Float on a boat above oyster beds and have a chance to taste one of the best oysters in the world, the ones from Ston.

The last stop of this fantastic and fulfilling trip is reserved for the real star of the whole Adriatic coast- Dubrovnik. All that has been said about Dubrovnik still won’t be enough. This city, indeed, can only reveal more and more stuff as you walk those streets that have witnessed a ton of history. With Dubrovnik as the last spot, you sure can see why Croatia is an ideal country for relaxed luxury travel from North to South. Not many places offer that kind of a great deal, so why miss a chance?

Croatia is  STAYlicious!

from Dubrovnik to Venice

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