Croatia to the World -a unique multimedia exhibition

A unique multimedia exhibition has been set up in the beautiful Meštrović pavilion, Croatia to the World. 1500 exhibits and 38 greats who contributed to the development of the entire world history. It seems that what we collect, publish and transmit on has become LIVE. Through this multimedia Večernji list exhibition, many fascinating details came to life, less known to the general public about Croatia’s real greats. These people indebted the people with their art, inventions, and achievements of any kind.

the author and initiator Dražen Klarić
The author and initiator Dražen Klarić

Great Croatians who changed the World

The organizer of the exhibition is Večernji list, and the author and initiator of the collection is the editor-in-chief Dražen Klarić; “We wanted to tell the story of Croats whose actions changed the community to which they belonged but also left a deep mark on all of humanity. Contemporary Croatia inherits a tradition of thousands of years on its present territory, and lyrical, Roman, Turkish, Austro-Hungarian, and Yugoslav cultures are intertwined with national identity. All of them shaped modern Croatian identity. Some of the Croatian National Revival greats, synonymous with Croatian national awareness, were not of Croatian origin at all, and some were not even born in Croatia.

Some of the Croats who changed the World, in fact, were not Croats, but they became so by living “Croatia” and loving this country. Some chose Croatia to live, like today, digital nomads, and some made their most significant works in Rome, London, or Paris. Some of the World’s most influential scientists, inventors, and writers come from Croatia. Some of them are well recognized, some are more accepted in the World than in Croatia, and some aren’t known at all.
The exhibition Croatia to the World is a kind of identification map of Croatia, a bridge between the past and the present, Croatia and the World. Peek into the wonderful World beyond serial minds.”; said Dražen Klarić.

Croatia to the World, exsibition in Mestrović pavillion in Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia to the World, exhibition in Mestrović Pavillion in Zagreb, Croatia


Croatia to the World, exhibition in Mestrović Pavillion in Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia to the World, exhibition in Mestrović Pavillion in Zagreb, Croatia

A multimedia Večernji list exhibition

Curator of the exhibition, dr. Sc. Anita Ruso devised the concept of the exhibition in order to get to know Ruđer Bošković, Andrija Štampar, Nikola Tesla, Marko Polo, Slavoljub Eduard Penkala, Lavoslav Ružička, Ivan Meštrović, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, Milka Trnina, Zinka Kunc Milanov, Dora Maar, Benedikt Kotruljević, Marko Marulić, Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Faust Vrančić, Andrija Mohorovičić and many others. 

Ivan Juan Vučetić
Ivan Juan Vučetić

“Croats today inherit material and spiritual goods that were created in the past by everyone who lived in today’s Croatian territory, even those from the time before the settlement of Croats. After all, so do other European nations. Due to its geographical position and rootedness in the Central European and Mediterranean cultural circles, Croatia’s area has been an open environment for centuries that has attracted and inspired foreigners. We procured exhibition materials from all parts and parts of Croatia to present each individual person as faithfully as possible. Artists from the Academy of Fine Arts and HDLU created a unique set design. A creative team from the production group Real Group made the exhibition visually appealing. I am sure that visitors will enjoy this very diverse and rich exhibition.”- said curator Anita Ruso.

Ruđer Bošković, Grafit, photo by Flammard : CC BY-SA (
Ruđer Bošković, Grafit, photo by Flammard : CC BY-SA (

The exhibition’s co-organizers are the Croatian Society of Fine Artists, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Real Group – a marketing communication agency. 

Dražen Klarić, Anita Ruso, Damir Kanaet
Dražen Klarić, Anita Ruso, Damir Kanaet

You can visit the exhibition every day from 9 am to 9 pm. The exhibition is organized according to all epidemiological standards for protection against coronavirus. The premises are also protected by unique SmartCoat nanotechnology that works against viruses and bacteria up to 99.99%.

Read all the information about the exhibition and buying tickets on Croatia to the  World page.

Meštrović pavillion, Zafreb, Croatia, photo by Matko M.Švarc
Meštrović pavilion, Zagreb, Croatia, photo by Matko M.Švarc

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