Croatia – value for money

When it comes to visiting Croatia, there are so many positive things to it. Besides being not mainstreamed discovered yet and has to offer so many exciting activities on a small and well-connected space, you can put an additional plus when it comes to prices and value for money. Taking into consideration that an average Croatian salary (from 2016. data) is 670€, you can quickly conclude that prices in Croatia would be way lower than in most of Europe.

Of course, it all depends on what you’re willing to spend your money on, but recent surveys show that an average tourist in Croatia who visits a couple of cultural facilities, takes an excursion or two and finds time for entertainment spends on average around 60€ and that is with food included.
Accommodation price depends on where you’re staying and private accommodation has various prices from 10€ per night to 50€ per night. Hotels also depend on how many stars they have but everything is easily visible online and having in mind that general average price per night of private and non-private accommodation is around 35€ still shows that the prices are more than reasonable.
If you want to prolong your stay and rent an one bedroom apartment in Croatia, that will (in average) be around 300€ in comparison with Spain- 550€ and Germany 650€. Quite cheap, right?

How about food? Unless you’re sticking to chain restaurants whose prices are mostly the same around the world (such as McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.) we’re urging you to try our worldwide known delicious meals (find out more about them here).
In a regular, mid-class restaurant you will hardly pay over 7€ per meal (comparison Spain and Germany 10€ on average), and a three-course meal for two people will end up costing you around 30€. Domestic and imported beer vary around 2€ for 0,5 l same as a regular coffee (from 1€ to 2€ in average). Bottled water of 0,5l will cost you 1€, and an interesting fact is that you can buy cigarettes in Croatia quite cheaper than most anywhere around for a pack starting from 3€ to those most expensive not over 4€.

Regarding transportation, a one-way ticket will cost you around 1€ (trams and buses), and taxi start is mostly around 2€ with every additional kilometer around 0.80€. If you’re traveling by car, gasoline prices vary as elsewhere but consider that average price of 1 liter is around 1,30€.

Museums and galleries are truly inexpensive having most tickets sold for around 2€-3€ average price plus you can as for a discount if you’re a retiree, a student or for your children (discounts are mostly for those children under the age of 12).

If you compare these prices to any surrounding countries you plan to go to vacation to, you’ll be surely amazed how much value you will get for your money in Croatia.
Not spending much on necessities will allow you to spend your money on luxuries you deserve while on vacation.

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