Croatian biologist Miroslav Radman in elected in US National Academy of Sciences

Croatia has a long tradition of renowned scientists who helped the world a lot with their hard work and innovative mind. From fingerprint analysis, parachute, torpedoes or even important discoveries in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and biology. From teams who made a powerful antibiotic Sumamed to our scientist Ivan Đikić who is making great steps in contemporary oncological research.
One of the scientists that made a huge impact on Croatian society is also professor Miroslav Radman who has been just recently accepted into a prestigious institution – US National Academy of Sciences, another elite institution he can add into his rich CV.
Miroslav Radman is a geneticist and molecular biologist recognized for some of his ground-breaking work on DNA repair, recombination and mutation and their impact on biological evolution and human health. He is known for: the discovery of the SOS response to DNA damage and, the discovery of DNA mismatch repair as well as establishing the role of oxidative damage to proteins in cellular resistance to radiation and desiccation, as well as in aging and age-related diseases.
This is definitely an important news for Croatia and for all the young Croats who may have ever doubted themselves to pursue their careers in science. Croatia has given many important inventions to the world and who knows what it will give in the future?

Ana Plevko

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