Croatian castles




Croatian castles

Although the beautiful seaside and everything referring to summer are considered the main Croatian attraction, you won’t believe how many more attractions you can experience while on your trip to Croatia. One of them is many castles that stand on that very ground for centuries and centuries.






Ozalj castle

Most of them originating from medieval times, those castles witnessed history in the making, and with continuous restoration, they reflect what was like to live in some long-gone times.
Like most castles in Europe, the ones in Croatia are settled on top of hills overlooking nearby estates.
Some of the popular castles for visitors are Veliki Tabor, Pejačević castle, Ozalj fortress and maybe the most beautiful of all (and most popular!) the enchanting Trakošćan castle!
Luckily for you, you can book an exciting tour to Trakošćan castle here and enjoy the beauty of preserved historical beauty and surrounding nature.


 Croatian attractions- highlights of your holiday!

Veliki Tabor


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