Croatian cuisine

Croatia has made an incredible contribution to the fashion industry, the necktie.

We call it a ‘kravata‘, because of the brave Croatian soldiers (Croats) in Napoleon’s troops, who had a scarf tied around their necks in a specific way.

The KRAVATA /the Tie entered the fashion history and stayed for good. It is unthinkable today to see any businessman without a tie. It forms part of the uniform of the modern man.

A European Union politician once said; Don’t forget, Croats are holding us all by the neck!

On croatia2go, find everything you need to know about Croatia, from tradition to gastronomy, recipes of Croatian cuisine, customs, currency, value, useful tips, and events.

On the website, choose your interest and look for it – if you don’t find it not, please let us know. Enjoy Croatia2go.

Staylicious Offer – Hilton Rijeka

STAYLICIOUS OFFER Hilton RijekaFOODIE STAYCATION EXPERIENCEOffer valid until the June 6th, for bookings made until June the 4th € 699…
The Roast Turkey with flatbread, from Zagorje, Croatia, Croatian cuisine

A Christmas table in Croatia

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Meso s tiblice, Međimurski dvori-photo by Denis Perčić, photo credit by TB of Međimurje, Croatia

A Culinary fairy tale of Međimurje

Međimurje, the northernmost and one of Croatia’s most economically developed regions, can certainly boast a rich gastronomic tradition with its…
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