Croatian dog breeds

Croatians are huge dog lovers!
Almost every household in Croatia owns some pet, and most of them are dogs. But that is no recent trend, and Croatian homes have been owning dogs as pets and as help for centuries.
Having that in mind, it’s no wonder that through history Croatia has developed some specific dog breeds that surely are an attraction in the woof domain!
Here are the famous Croatian paws:
Croatian Sheepdog1

Croatian Sheepdog

First mentioned around 14th century, this dog is known for being agile, hardworking, grateful and extremely useful in helping in the herds and protecting home. This dog is historically bred in Slavonia region and hasn’t changed it’s appearance for centuries. His good health, the ability for being a good watchdog and being simple and inexpensive to maintain made this puppy an often first choice for many people around the world.

Dalmatian dog

There is no person in the world who hasn’t grown up on the beautiful and warm Disney cartoon about 101 little white puppies with black spots. But did you know that this very breed comes from Croatia, or to be more precise, as the name tells itself, from the Dalmatia region? In some past times they were used as war dogs for Dalmatian fighters, now they are the perfect family dog with protective instincts towards their owners, and in the US they are very often used as firefighter dogs.

istrian coarse haired hound

Istrian coarse-haired hound

Don’t let this mild face fool you! This breed is a respected scent dog originating from the 19th century and still, today is mostly owned by hunters for its amazing abilities in helping out during all kinds of hunting.
istarski kratkodlaki1

Istrian shorthaired hound

Similar as the Istrian coarse-haired hound, this dog is well known for it’s developed senses when it comes to hunting, especially rabbits and foxes. His good health and good temperament allow him to be a thankful and loving family pet but also seeks physical activity on a daily basis.
posavski gonic

Posavac Hound

Another breed in the hunting world, this dog contains similar characteristics as the Istrian hunting hounds and is a familiar and loved dog among many Croatian families.
Tornjak Logan 3


This big hound might look like a bear at first sight regarding his size and big, rich coat, but underneath lies a puppy full of love for its owners. Originating from the Dinarides mountain area, these dogs’ primal usage is for herding livestock and protection, but their calm temperament and extremely good health make them a great family member and companion, as long as you have enough open space where they can freely run and exercise.
Tornjak Logan

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