The mission of the Croatian Heritage Foundation is to preserve the national and cultural identity, the mother tongue and the customs of Croats living outside the Republic of Croatia. Every year MATIS, the Croatian Heritage Foundation, organizes various seminars and projects for young and adults.

ECO HERITAGE TASK FORCE is an ecological-volunteer project of the Croatian Heritage Foundation EHTF, to which young people from around the world can apply. The project takes place in the summer months in Nin. In three weeks of stay and work, young people learn Croatian, participate in the film, Tripmedia and Internet workshop and go to weekend excursions. Everything including a trip to Zagreb is paid and everything else is organized by HMI. In return, young people voluntarily work several hours a day on jobs that are planned by the host. They have the opportunity to meet this part of Croatia, to socialize and get acquainted with young people from all over the world, as well as with young people from Nin. Participants come from at least 15 countries. They work on archeological sites and landscaping. Accommodation is secured.

The project manager is Nives Antoljak and if you have any questions or would like to know the way of submitting the application please feel free to contact:

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