Croatian food and recipes

Croatian gastronomy

The Croatian Cuisine is absolutely great, mostly prepared with local products. Taste is a great mixture of original Croatian recipes and many that were been developed by the influences of neighboring countries.

The aroma of traditional polenta from Lika or pasta with sour cream from Zagorje, the sweet taste of homemade cornbread, prosciutto, olives, the smell of cooked sausages with cabbage, cabbage rolls, or blood-sausages, salty sardines, Dalmatian pašticada, the taste of strudel from Zagorje or pork cracklings, the smell of donuts or rožata…

Those are the flavors and aromas that remind us of Croatia!


In coastal regions, we can recognize a Medditerannean touch primarily from Italy and France. The northern region was influenced by German and Austrian cuisine, as well as Hungarian of course, while the cuisine in the eastern and southern regions resembles that of Turkish cuisine. From the ancient world, Roman and Illyrian cuisine can also be found in traces in our traditional cookbook.

The diversity of our regions and different influences over the years have created a special and unique Croatian cuisine.

We love a variety of flavors in Croatia. Some we love, some we adore…

Croatians like diverse food and plenty of it. With so many dishes and ingredients to choose from fresh aromatic herbs, fruit, and vegetables, domestic animals, game, salt, sugar, white and red wine, olive and pumpkin oil, apple vinegar… Croatian cuisine has become extremely rich, diverse and delicious.

We are immensely proud of our culinary treasure, and we should share it with others so they can taste and enjoy it as well!

As a proof that Croatians truly relish their national cuisine, they use two different dining expressions when everyone is seated at the dining table.

Dobar Tek/ Have a good meal! and U slast/ Enjoy!


The Roast Turkey with flatbread, from Zagorje, Croatia, Croatian cuisine

A Christmas table in Croatia

We still have a severe ‘aftertaste’ after everything we’ve eaten in recent days. But that’s not the end …It will continue for maybe even 10 next days … Throwing away food is not an option, so we’ll eat! But, until…
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Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Christmas traditional sweets in Croatia

In recent years, there have been a lot of new, modern flavors, interesting sweet creations on the holiday table, but Christmas used to have its proper sweets.   It’s an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves of some delicious traditional cakes…
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Meso s tiblice, Međimurski dvori-photo by Denis Perčić, photo credit by TB of Međimurje, Croatia

A Culinary fairy tale of Međimurje

Međimurje, the northernmost and one of Croatia’s most economically developed regions, can certainly boast a rich gastronomic tradition with its roots in its rich geographical environment and history. Vineyards of Međimurje, Croatia, photo credit by Tourist board of Međimurje county…
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Monte restaurant, Rovinj, CRoatia, photo credit by Monte restaurant

Michelin rated restaurants in Croatia

In the world of culinary arts, being included in the annual Michelin guide is equal to being nominated for an Oscar in acting. Getting a prestigious Michelin star is rightfully equivalent to winning the adored golden statuette. Monte restaurant, Rovinj,…
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For those who planned to start a diet this week- you may better skip this article! Pork cracklings are a famous dish that can be found all around South to Eastern Europe in different variations. They are an excellent snack…
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Captain's House restaurant, Mali Ston, Croatia, photo credit by Captain's House

The Captain’s House at Mali Ston

Traditional cuisine that was once enjoyed by Ston princes, castellans, nobles is now proudly served to statesmen, jet setters. The fresh oysters and other shellfish, fish pate, fish, lobsters, fish salads, risottos, homemade bread, and the inevitable olive oil with…
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Easter dishes in Croatia

  Easter is no exception when it comes to delicious food which we serve to gather around our family and friends. Croatia as a country with strong Christian tradition has always been evolving all kinds of variations of what kind…
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Bible and olive brunch, Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Traditional Easter festivities in Croatia

  Bible and olive brunch, Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash   Washing your face with flower petals on Cvjetnica (in Croatian), Flower Sunday, Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday or the Great Saturday is one of the customs that…
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Kabola Winery, Istria, Croatia, photo credit by Kabola

The Kabola Winery named Destination of the Year

Travel & Hospitality Award is presented each year by an independent jury made up of travel enthusiasts, bloggers, influencers, and tourism experts. The prestigious international award for 2021 has arrived in one of the most beautiful wineries into winery Kabola in…
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Vino & vruje event, Ika, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki Podrumi

Wine and sea springs in Ika

Juraj Mihaljević, Vino & vruje event, Ika, Croatia, photo credit by Iločki Podrumi The tradition of immersing and emerging wine in Ika In the vicinity of Opatija, in Ika, the event ‘Vino i Vruja/Wine and sea springs’ has been held…
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