Croatian health tourism is a new challenge for diaspora

Croatian diaspora has been helping Croats and Croatia in general for as long as diaspora exists, which is over 100 years in the past.  It’s no secret that without the help of all these wonderful and altruistic people, many projects in Croatia would hardly see the light of day.
Of course, in times of economic challenges and risks that hide behind almost every corner, it is expected to be rational and smart when it comes to investing money.
As we posted on this site before, there are rising numbers in health tourism of Croatia and many foreigners from around the world are booking their flights to Croatia because of the excellent  service and more than reasonable prices which are far lower than in most of other countries such as those in Western Europe, USA, Australia etc.
In case the members of the diaspora have had a thought or two if and where they should invest their money- this might just be the answer!

Investing in Croatian health tourism is definitely a win-win situation. Not only that this money will be directed to medical professionals who will have more resources to develop their knowledge and practice further, but also it would make a great investment for diaspora itself because that would give all Croats living abroad a unique chance to improve their health in their homeland by top professionals and for much lower price than in countries they live in.

From dental work, dermatology, orthopedic proceduresand even plastic surgery- all those and much more are branches of medical tourism that seem to be the most popular ones for now.
All people who came from abroad to cure some of their medical problems couldn’t stop talking about how professional and great Croatian doctors and other medical staff was.

In times of uncertain economy, one thing we can all count on to be stable in decades and decades in the future is definitely our health and its improvement.

So think about how useful and great  it would be to book a flight to Croatia, visit your homeland, stay in some nice hotel or apartment, get medical work done privately and quickly, enjoy Croatia for a couple of more days than heading back refreshed and new- all for a price lower than you would pay home.

We can’t wait to see where this idea might take us!



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