On July 16th, in Novi Vinodolski, a seaside resort rich in cultural history, started The 26th Small School of Croatian Language and Culture organized by Croatian Heritage Foundation.
The main goal of this summer school is that children living outside Croatia, in communion with children from different places in Croatia, improve their knowledge of the Croatian language and learn about the cultural and the natural heritage.
The program of the school takes place at the House of the Red Cross of the City of Zagreb and children will be able to participate in various creative play-workshops (language, cultural, visual, journalistic, puppetry, drama, dance, and film) and a series of sports, recreational and entertainment. There will be plenty more joyful moments in healthy, safe and secure environment under the supervision of experienced and trusted teachers.


This year’s program brought together 84 participants, aged 9-16, from 18 countries: the United States, Oman, Qatar, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, France, Spain, Montenegro, and Croatia.

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