Croatian must-see attractions, get the best of Croatia

Don’t you ever wish to go on a vacation that is stress-free regarding all the organization and possible ruses along the way? Well, the right answer for sure is- YES! But how to make this whole thing real?
Private travel with certified driver and guides including an itinerary you know in advance sounds like the answer to all your questions.
A trip from Dubrovnik to Zagreb with stops on all the relevant places you’ve wanted to see is a vacation that sounds like paradise, and we can make that happen just for you!
How does this tour look like?
It starts in Dubrovnik, the legendary ancient city on the very South of Croatia. Filled with beautiful old streets and monuments, it takes you away from any reality and into some fantasy, just like Game of Thrones where it was filmed. From there the next stop comes in the shape of Trogir. The less-known brother of Split, Trogir has been entirely under the protection of UNESCO for 20 years as a city-monument itself. Among many things to see there, the St. Lawrence cathedral is absolutely on of the most beautiful sights to lay your eyes on.
And how about a little natural beauty mixed with feeling like a Hollywood star? Hvar, as the next spot, is the place to be! Taste the fantastic olive oil, homemade lavender products and exclusive places such as its coast, bars, restaurants, etc. Many jet-setters keep visiting Hvar during the whole year, so they can’t be wrong, right?
From Hvar to the amazing location Krka National Park, the place of mental and visual relaxation with also many possible activities to do. There are few places in Europe that give you that wonderful feeling and remind you of the beautiful works of nature. And the city that is closest to Krka and also our next stop is the old town of Middle Dalmatia- Šibenik! What were centuries ago a fortress, now is a lovely city with many old narrow streets, amazingly beautiful and diverse churches with St. James Cathedral as the most beautiful of all, also under the protection of UNESCO.
Moving up, only a short ride from Šibenik, the next stop is Zadar, one of the most visited cities of Dalmatia. No wonder, Zadar has many historical sights to see and experience but also a variety of cutest coffee bars, excellent restaurants “konoba” and some contemporary art sights that had become popular around the world, such as the Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun.
The tours end on its last but not the least spot- Zagreb! An amazing capital with all segments of a true capital city with a charm of smaller towns you’d love to get lost in. It is impossible to stress out all the attractions you can see in Zagreb so be sure to check out this link to find out more what expects you there!

Croatian Attractions – The highlights of your holiday!

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