Peru is the fourth in South America by the number of Croats with approximately 18,000 Croatian descendants with full or partial Croatian origins. Part of the Croatian descendants are not aware of their origin, and they don’t understand Croatian anymore, and part is aware of their origin and knows a little of Croatian language, or they passively understand it.

The community of Croats around Lime is the northernmost on the Pacific coast of South America. The first known immigration of Croatians to Peru began two centuries ago around 1821. Most of them left the country because of the economic crisis. An interesting cause is also the “Wine Clause” of the trade agreement between Austro-Hungarians and Italy since 1891, which was particularly disadvantageous for Croatian viticulture.

Settlers came mostly from the vineyards of southern regions. After World War II, they left the country because of the abolition of democracy in Communist Yugoslavia. Most of these Croatians started in Peru with the most stringent jobs to acquire property and then educate themselves in work, industry, commerce…

Many of them live in the capital – Lima. They prefer one of the leading tourist destinations – Miraflores. Locals love Dalmatian homemade cuisine with seafood, and they also like “pancakes” as a dessert.

Ambitious Croats have a similar reputation as in Argentina and lag behind Chile, where many overseas Croatians are most influential outside Europe. The most respected Croat from Lime was the Peruvian Admiral and the Minister of Maritime Affairs of Cesar Bielich-Pomareda.

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