Croatian Physicist, Inventor, and Professor at the Swiss University Davor Pavuna

Croatian Physicist, Inventor, and Professor at the Swiss University  opened the Ozalj Conference of 4th Branding of Croatia, indeed has an impressive career. He achieved the greatest success in the field of nanotechnology and superconductivity.

People find him controversial, but they forget that he is an award-winning scientist who has a large number of doctorates and titles…

Pavuna has published over 150 scientific papers and an English textbook on superconductivity that is also translated in other languages. He has held about 100 lectures at world-renowned universities. He is working on a synchrotron project in the US state of Wisconsin, a joint project of Swiss and US funds for scientific research. He is President of the World Congress on Nano-Engineering and New Oxide Technology in the United States. Worth mentioning, he was hired as an energy advisor by US President Barack Obama.

In many lectures, he deals with current topics such as artificial intelligence, the position of women in society, faith, and, recently, he often talks about the Congressinfirst-class political issue – the Istanbul Convention.



So far, Pavuna has held more than 500 lectures at the most prestigious universities in the world, he speaks five languages, and he is the leader of the CroatCongress in Switzerland.

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