Croatian roots in Michael Steven Bublé

Michael Steven Bublé, Canadian singer, songwriter, composer, and actor of Croatian roots. He was born on September 9, 1975, in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, to the family of Louis and Amber Bublé. His grandfather Mihovil Buble is a Croat from Trogir, and although his surname has received a different accent in the meantime and is spelled Bublé, it is an old name of Trogir, which is mentioned in the record on the church of St. Domenic in the 14th century.

Close friends of the family also say that Father Louise had a boat named “Dalmatia”.

Michael Buble Crazy Love Tour by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

His grandfather Mihovil’s nickname is Old Buble. Michael Bublé frequently mentions his grandfather in his interviews, revealing that he influenced his musical taste. He grew up listening to his grandfather’s jazz record, and at his urging, he enrolled in a young talent show where he won but was disqualified for being too young. None of this discouraged him from becoming a singer, so at the age of 17, he applied for the Canadian Young Talent Choice and also won.

Another interesting thing about Bublé and his grandfather is that Mihovill Buble was a plumber and offered his free services to anyone who would give a chance to his grandson to sing. He released his first album ‘First Dance’ in 1996, and a year later he made his first television appearance. Disappointed with many things, in 2000 he decided to give up his dream of becoming a famous singer, moved to Vancouver, and decided to build a career as a journalist.

Although he was born in Canada, he is originally from Croatia!

But crucial was his appearance at a friend’s wedding, where he sang the bride a song. The Grammy winner, David Foster, was then invited, who, after hearing Bublé sing, immediately offered him a contract with his production company.

The emotional centerpiece of the latest released album „love“ is his co-written song, Forever Love, which talks about his role as a father and the vulnerability and strength that comes with unconditional love. It is also a dedication to love, which for the past three years has been a major driver in dealing with the serious illness of his oldest son, 5-year-old Noah, who has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Life gave him the biggest blow when his son became ill, but this year he’s back after a five-year hiatus stronger than ever. In September this year, he also performed in Croatia, his grandfather’s homeland, and sang his biggest hits with thousands of Croatian fans.

P1040343 by Live at J&R is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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