The Croatian Cuisine is absolutely great, mostly prepared with local products. Taste is a great mixture of original Croatian recipes and many that were been developed by the influences of neighboring countries.

On the North and the East of Croatia, you can see rich Pannonian cuisine which is mostly contained in meat of all kinds, either as dry and sliced edibles, mostly finger food, like kulen or as delicious meat stews with variety of vegetables which take you back to some old times where a kind grandmother would prepare a dish like that.

Moving to inside of the country, mostly Zagreb and surrounding provinces, there is a strong Middle European influence originating from Austro-Hungarian Empire so dishes like schnitzels with potatoes (or the more Zagreb version – turkey with mlinci, (a kind of flatbread) are no stranger to any chef or housewife who grew up in the capital.
The cuisine which mostly represents Croatia in the world is definitely the one originating from the seaside. From Istria on the very North, which is known for it’s fuži (a special kind of homemade pasta) and world-famous truffles searched by specially trained dogs, you can taste excellent fish dishes throughout Dalmatia as well as varieties of pasta dishes.

In little local restaurants (called „konoba“) you can eat as the locals do, all prepared with ingredients grown in their own gardens together with domestic fish caught that morning by local fishermen.
It’s no secret that Croatia holds an important place on the world wine map and every part of the country, starting from Ilok on the very Northeast to the most southern parts surrounding Dubrovnik, produces excellent wine with the legendary reputation, often compared to the finest ones from France, Italy, Chile etc. In many restaurants, you can have a chance to taste wine made locally by the owner which gives the whole gastronomic experience an autochthonous touch.

Join us on our cooking classes, it will be a lot of them; different but authentic recipes will be in Antonia’s beautiful kitchen and fairytale house!

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