Croatian traditions and customs

The confluence of the river Cetina into the Adriatic., Omiš, Croatia, photo credit by TB of Omiš

The Republic of Poljica

In the heart of Dalmatia that you have chosen for your STAYcation in Croatia, not far from the well-known Split,…
D-Resort, Šibenik, Croatia, photo credit by D-Resort

D-Resort Šibenik

It’s hard to imagine a long-awaited trip to Croatia without visiting the centuries-old town of Šibenik. It is a unique and…
The heart-shaped island - Galešnjak, Croatia


Panoramic-scenic flights always give you a totally different perspective.  We have this perspective of Homo Volans (lat. flying man) for…
The Roast Turkey with flatbread, from Zagorje, Croatia, Croatian cuisine

A Christmas table in Croatia

We still have a severe ‘aftertaste’ after everything we’ve eaten in recent days. But that’s not the end …It will…
Sunset Sailing in Split, Croatia

 A Sunset sailing in Split 

Hot summer nights in Split are tempting. Generations have been talking about these nights during their youth, with a gentle…
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