Croatian traditions and customs

People, customs, and traditions are the main characteristics of every nation. Customs and traditions are intangible heritage and constitute the real wealth of every nation.
Croatia strives to celebrate and preserve its customs. In the spirit of this, significant events are regularly held that will convey the essence of antiquity to even the youngest and create new admirers of this heritage.
Renesansni festival u Koprivnici1

Koprivnica Rennaisance Festival

Croatia, as one of the top destinations in Europe, attracts a lot of tourists waiting to explore stunning National Parks,…
Croatian national flag photo credit by Croatian Attractions K2


Croatia has 14 national holidays, many of which are based on Catholicism or are associated with a notable milestone in…
Foto Sanjin StrukicPIXSELL izvor jpg

Easter customs of Zagreb fakins! 

Zagreb fakini (fakin meaning; ‘dude’ or ‘guy’, rowdy and hooligan) used to practice the old Croatian Easter tradition of daying…
Zagreb izvor TZGZ


This year, celebrating Easter as the biggest Christian holiday, the Tourist Board of Zagreb is donating to the City of…
drvene igracke 2 mini seoske nastambe

“Porcijunkulovo” of Međimurje

‘Porcijunkulovo’ is a word that even Croatians cannot pronounce without provoking the laughter of the people of Međimurje. However, at…
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