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Vineyards of Croatia

Croatia is considered one of the few elite countries in the world with the envious list of excellent wines. Here you can find around 100 native types of grapes.


Bornstein vinery in Zagreb, photo by Croatian Attractions


According to the temperature and the number of sunny hours, you can divide Croatia into four vineyard regions what results in around 400 producers of wine.

The primary distinction is between the continental and Coast wine regions.

Meneghetti vineyards, Istria




The continental part consists of the Zagreb area and its surroundings, the Slavonija region (check out this amazing tour to Ilok, and it’s wine cellars, one of Croatia’s top!), Istria (a perfect occasion to go truffle hunting and enjoy their excellent wine) and Dalmatia.

Sorts of wine depending on the region. Every region has its particular type of wine they’re known for.

Vis island winery Vidović

In continental Croatia, the most popular sorts are graševina, riesling, chardonnay, škrlet, pinot, silvanac, traminac, sauvignon and frankovka.
Coastal Croatian vineyards bring popular types such as Malvasia, muškat, teran, merlot, pošip, vugava, plavac (p.s. the most praised plavac comes from Pelješac peninsula, and on this tour you can have an exclusive occasion to try it and find out about the sort), dingač and the dessert wine prošek (a.k.a. prosecco).



Hvar, photo credit by Hvar TB




It’s a well-known fact that the world’s best sommeliers have talked about Croatian wines in the most positive way, so besides just sightseeing all the beautiful attractions, why don’t you relax a bit and have a glass of wine?


Croatian Attractions

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