Croatian Women’s Network

We’ve said a quite about Croatian diaspora and its colossal help and influence to Croatia throughout history to this day.

Many people of Croatian origin live around the world and cherish their national background by promoting Croatia and helping in all kinds of issues that take place in Croatia. We mentioned the Croatian Fraternal Union and similar organizations, but there is also one organization that promotes prominent educated Croatian women from all fields.

The name of this organization is Croatian Women’s Network, and it was founded by Caroline Spivak, a Croatian woman living in Canada, founder of a consulting agency specializing in issues management and crisis communications. Caroline Spivak could be the first thing to come to your mind when talking about successful women. A degree in Political Science and International affairs and a post-graduate degree in Public Relations Management and being the CEO of her consulting agency which has clients from all around the world, Caroline Spivak truly embraces a strong, smart, and successful woman. 

That being said, it’s no wonder that she founded an organization that will promote Croatian women doing great things in their fields, from medicine to art, and recognizes their effort.

The Croatian Women’s Network is a platform that helps to make progress in the empowerment of women and also hosts the Croatian Women of Influence Award which recognizes and supports leadership, innovation, and community impact of women of Croatian ancestry from Croatia and diaspora. Croatian Women’s Network also hosts a Future Leaders Award for all the young women under 20 years of age who show an incredible effort and talent in their work. The Young Leaders Award also helps those young women to partner with a network champion and mentor to assist them in developing their projects.

This is the third year in a row for Croatian Women’s network to host those awards and they have presented annually at a gala held in Croatia on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

The event itself is very high-profile and is under the sponsorship of the President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Croatian Heritage Foundation, and Central State Office for Croats Abroad.

The winners of Women of influence award for this year are Ksenija Abramović, Zrinka Bačić, Carolina Borojević, Vesna Bosanac, Antonella D’Antuono, Suzana Flanz, Gloria Jurešić, Zorka Kinda-Berlaković, Sara Kolak, Đurđica Orepić, Anita Martinac, Josipa Petrunić, Marija Perić, Marija Selak, Nikolina Sesar, Branka Salopek Sondi, Kathryn Tesija, Ivana Tkalčić, Ana Tomašković, Ana Jurinjak Tušek and Tea Žakula.

The Future Leaders award winners are Iva Buljan, Maja Grujić, and Tatjana Mustać.

All we can say is that we are very proud of all those Croatian women making positive changes in their fields and we wish them luck in their future and hope this kind of project will encourage more women to pursue their dream careers!

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