Croatian Zagorje

Croatian Zagorje is a region northwest of Zagreb, bordering Slovenia.
Hrvatsko Zagorje, or the Croats call it ‘Zagorje,’ is historically a significant part of Croatia. It is the region with the most castles, and many Croatian nobles were originally from Zagorje. Zagorje is a hilly region known for its numerous thermal baths, wine roads, and undoubtedly the most famous for its dialect, Kajkavian, which is significant for developing the Croatian language.
Sarkofag Emerika Erdody

Sarcophagi of Emmerich and Sigismund Erdödy

This year’s Museum Night called “Possible Impossible,” which took place this year under ‘COVID’ circumstances, was the occasion for opening the forthcoming permanent exhibition, a sarcophagus estate at Klanjec Cultural Center. Although not everything is completed. The exhibition brings a…
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Hušnjakovo archaeological findingnowdays photo credit by archives of Museum MKN

The richest collection of Neanderthal man in the world

Hušnjakovo, archaeological finding, nowadays, photo credit by archives of Museum MKN The richest collection of Neanderthal men in the world was gathered at Hušnjak Hill in Krapina in Hrvatsko Zagorje,  Scientifically known as Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis, the Krapina prehistoric man…
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The day excursion from Zagreb to TRAKOŠĆAN CASTLE

The Short History of Trakošćan castle

When you say „castle“ to an average Croat, the first thing that will come to their mind is the famous Trakošćan castle. A symbol of some past time, different eras, and, above all, magnificent architecture. This castle changed a lot…
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Sandor Bordas CC BY SA 3.0 https creativecommons.orglicensesby sa3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 1 1

Health and Spa resorts in Croatian Zagorje part. II

Zagorje has, besides magical hills and endless green sceneries, a big amount of healthy thermal water wells which makes it the region with possibly the most thermal spas in Croatia and further. As we mentioned some of the prominent health…
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Christmas customs in Kajkavian region

A hundred years ago, in most homes in this area, one of the customs was to clean up before Christmas. The whole family was involved in it, and it was taken much more seriously and with responsibility. Especially interesting were…
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Kumrovec Titova socha Croatia

TITO – Late Yugoslav president

  Ho-Chi-Minh-Josip-Broz-Tito-Edvard-Kardelj-1957.jpg     Josip Broz Tito was a Croatian and Yugoslav politician, Communist leader and dictator and the chief architect of the “second Yugoslavia,” a socialist federation that lasted from World War II until 1991. According to the list…
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