Rožata, a dessert originating from medieval Dalmatia but mostly known as a traditional dish from the jewel of Adriatic- Dubrovnik. It’s no wonder that Dubrovnik gave us a type of cake that is special and unique as the city itself.
Rožata is more than just a delicious dessert, it is a symbol of Dubrovnik’s political and cultural stability in the times of fighting with Venice and Ottoman Empire. You can taste this custard in many places along the Croatian coast but why not giving a shot to making your own?

Rožata is the most famous cake from Dubrovnik


500 ml milk,6 tablespoon sugar,1 tablespoon vanillin sugar,1 lemon zest (locally cultivated), molds little rum,6 eggs. molds; caramel: 6-8 tablespoon sugar, little butter for greasing


Heat oven to 160°C. Add milk sugar, lemon zest and bring to boil. Once cooked, remove from heat and cool. In a deeper pot trickle in half the sugar and melt on low heat. Add in the rest of the sugar and melt. Stirring is unnecessary, simply rotate the pot. Smear the baking molds with a thin layer of butter, and coat with caramel. Leave to cool. Eggs and vanillin sugar whisk into the mix but avoid foaming. Sift in cooled milk, some rum, and stir. Pour over a sifter in prepared molds. Place molds in a deep pan filled with water reaching two-thirds of the molds. Place in a heated oven and bake for 20 minutes if smaller and 40 minutes if larger molds. Remove from oven, cool to room temperature and leave to sit overnight in the refrigerator. Carefully place a serving plate over the mold and turn it upside down to drop the creme onto the plate.

Practical tip:

Rožata might be associated with pudding, but there is simply no comparison between the two.

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