Cycle tourism in Hvar

Cycle tourism is a form of tourism that takes place in a high-value, ecologically preserved and attractive natural landscape.

Our sunniest island has everything that makes it an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts.

In addition to the pleasant, mild climate that allows cycling throughout the year, riding through the picturesque Mediterranean landscape, challenging trails that are a real treat for the brave, Hvar Island is also surrounded by cycling trails where you can embark on a new cycling adventure.

If you are a fan of active holidays, Hvar is the perfect place for your adventures!

Landscaped bike trails will reveal the timeless beauty of nature, and the scent of the sea and lavender will delight you.

One of the biggest advantages of getting to know an area while driving is the experience of sightseeing the environment and all the natural beauty that is in the area. Nothing is as interesting as cycling inland and along the coast – according to professional cycling guides who have compiled a list of the best coastal biking destinations.

Cycling on the island of Hvar offers much more than an active vacation. You will have the opportunity to soak up the unspoiled nature, enjoy the beautiful scenery and Mediterranean plants that will shake all your senses and pass next to the Roman stone walls…

In addition to renting a bike on the island of Hvar, you will also get a map of Hvar with a bike route and landscaped bike trails will reveal the timeless beauty of nature.

In cooperation with the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board and the Cycling Federation, the Hvar Island Tourist Board has printed a cycling map. The map contains 13 trails and interesting cycling routes from the town of Hvar to Sućuraj.

Cycle tourists use the local commercial and catering offer to a greater extent than other types of tourists, which is why their availability and quality are important to them. Concerning transport infrastructure, road safety is of the utmost importance to them, which is why, in the absence of well-organized cycle paths and routes, they prefer roads with lower traffic intensities at which lower speeds are achieved and destinations with marked routes and various facilities and attractions along with them.

Favorable climate, attractive and diverse natural environment, rich cultural and historical heritage from diverse periods, proximity to large markets, country safety and many roads with less traffic and bicycle routes provide Croatia with numerous comparative advantages for the development of cycle tourism.

There are 13 well-maintained trails on the Island of Hvar with a total length of 470 kilometers; Lesina, Težačka, Malo Grablje, Sveti Nikola, Purkin kuk, Kroz Dračevicu (through Dračevica), Kabal, Preko vrha (across the top), Za UNESCO-m (For UNESCO), Dubova, Humac, Deset uvala (ten coves) and Sućuraj.

One of the major obstacles to the development of cycle tourism on the islands is the transport of bicycles to the islands. It is impossible to transport a bicycle by catamaran, and the cost of transporting bicycles on a ferry is more expensive than a ticket for transporting a person. In co-operation with the island municipalities, active discussions are underway to resolve this issue with Jadrolinija.

Detailed information, as well as maps of all routes, can be found on the official site of SDŽ cyclo tourism

It is important to mention that the EuroVelo 8 route passes through the SDŽ. It is a 5888 km long route and extends through 11 countries and connects many destinations that are also popular tourist destinations, such as Barcelona, Monaco, Venice, the Croatian Adriatic coast, Cyprus. The route is not yet complete although it is fully funded by the EU.

Bernarda Cenkovčan, author


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