Dalmatia – Top tourist attractions

Top tourist attractions in Dalmatia

There is nothing you can’t love about Dalmatia. Starting from their amazingly laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle and the title of the region with most handsome locals, Dalmatia also gives you a chance to explore tons of attractions from the smallest villages to the bigger cities. Since this part of Croatia is rich in all kinds of attractions to see and feel, what are the places most tourists tend to visit and return to them now and then?
Let’s start with Zadar! This town in the middle of the Adriatic coast will give you the vacation of your dreams! Romanesque churches, exciting monuments as the Sea Organ and Salutation to the Sun will fulfill all expectations from a wandering tourist.
In Split, you won’t get bored a single second when you see how many various things you can see in the capital of beautiful Dalmatia. Plus, the locals are fantastic, warm, funny and friendly. Wherever you go in Split, you will find numerous new activities for your holiday.
Between Zadar and Split lays the sweet and glorious town of Šibenik, once a town where kings ruled, now a peaceful Mediterranean place to hide away even from the hyped-up top summer locations. All the tourists that seek gorgeous sights and excellent food, wine, walk by the sea and similar activities, definitely should visit this (yet!) not so known coastal jewel, just to remember how beautiful life can be!
Trogir is also a town, so magical that it’s entirely under UNESCO heritage protection. No wonder, with a lot of  historical buildings, mostly of romanesque-gothic style which also played their roles in shows like Game of Thrones which made it even more popular among tourists from around the world.
And speaking of Game of Thrones, on the most south point of Dalmatia is where the star of all most visited (and Instagrammed!) locations are. No need to guess more than once, we’re talking about Dubrovnik, of course. There are no words to describe even more this unrealistically beautiful city which carries tons of history inside its walls. And since big productions decided that Dubrovnik was the perfect place for filming Game of Thrones and Star Wars, tourists started to come more and more. In all the possible activities and sights you’ll be in the chance to see yourself in Dubrovnik, you can only take our word that no matter what your interests are, this city will never ever let you down.


Croatian Attractions – the highlights of your holiday!


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